Starting with a lap of Tasmania

The Lap What’s certain is that the five-week tour will start with a lap of Tasmania. Clockwise starting at Devonport. That’s okay, but that’s not really the start. To get to the real start there’s some backtracking to do.

The wrong tool for the right job

Sometimes we don’t have the right tools for the job, other times the skill, or the know how, the experience, an instruction booklet, someone to ask or nor do we know what’s on the other side or maybe at the top. We know that by going forward, we’ll face perils, or we have materials andContinue reading “The wrong tool for the right job”

On the start line

You’re on the start line ready to roll. You’ve prepared for this day for months. The regular weekly training rides have built you up to a physical and mental peak that you’re quietly comfortable with. Legs are feeling good. You’ve broken out a new kit just for today. You’re the embodiment of splendour as farContinue reading “On the start line”

Beyond shiny lights work the brightest stars

Cupcakes. Sweet morsels determined by a sponge-like base and coifs of cream or a spatular slathering of frosting. A hot topic in Montpellier, France at the moment. Much like the vision of a glamorous femme fatale sporting 3-inch heels on a bicycle, cupcakes exude a hint of luxury, decadence, quality-time shared with close confidantes. OrContinue reading “Beyond shiny lights work the brightest stars”

The best time to start: Now or 20 years ago

There’s a saying that goes: When’s the best time to plant a tree? Now or 20 years ago. This could not have been better exemplified than at Le Boulou, France on the weekend. Sunday saw the simultaneous running of the regional cyclocross championships across France, the filtration process to identify this years best of theContinue reading “The best time to start: Now or 20 years ago”

Morning is when the wick is lit

<a name=””>  Location: Port Vendres, France Carpe diem they cry. That the morning is the best time of day is obvious to some. Pre-dawn and cycling are intertwined in my existence. Darkened shadows, blinking LEDs, the still silence audible rushing by cold ears. Location: Sunrise over Port Vendres, France Location: Sunrise over Port Vendres, FranceContinue reading “Morning is when the wick is lit”

Balancing the scoop

<a name=””>  Today’s technological society keeps us hyped up on status updates, likes, tweets, tips, tricks, and positive re-enforcement techniques. Really though, all that represents is sprinkles on the cone of an ice-cream. Sprinkles add a bit of flavour and interest to the real substance below and the supporting structure of the cone beneath. TheContinue reading “Balancing the scoop”