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Whale Tales: Barnacle’s Kelp Karmacoma

Last year’s Humpback Whale southern migration winner, Barnacle, actually there are no ‘winners’ because there’s no prizes. But in this day and age of supporting everyone as a winner, we’re going against the grain and calling him a winner anyway. Well, because he was first.

Back to Barnacle – a seasoned migrator. He’s finished 10 of these 10,000 kilometre events in the last 10 years.

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Books: The Octopus and I

The story of Lucy in the new novel “The Octopus and I” by Erin Hortle tells the story of a colourful character living on the Tasman Peninsula in South-Eastern Tasmania, as she lives through the recovery of breast cancer.

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2014 – It’s a wrap!

Placing the Book-end on 2014 The end of the annual cycle provokes a reflection on the 364 days that have passed by, seemingly at Ferrari pace. 24 hours remain before the looking glass is swung 180 degrees and what appears to the...

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Local Freedivers Club Gains

Melbourne Freedivers Club Growth Looking back isn’t something that regularly takes my attention, but sometimes it’s healthy to check in and see where things have come from. In March 2014 The Melbourne Freedivers Club...

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