Cycling’s Big Question: What for?

Just riding along, (or JRA) and that big question lobs up once again “What am I doing this for?”. Most profoundly it appears during the middle of a long hard race or as a car door almost takes you out. Some way up a mountain when the view is already teasing you with it’s mystery,Continue reading “Cycling’s Big Question: What for?”

On the start line

You’re on the start line ready to roll. You’ve prepared for this day for months. The regular weekly training rides have built you up to a physical and mental peak that you’re quietly comfortable with. Legs are feeling good. You’ve broken out a new kit just for today. You’re the embodiment of splendour as farContinue reading “On the start line”

WebSnippet: 100 cols in 10 days?

Web Snippet: Cycling Challenge Confero Mavericks Cycling Team Manager and Rapha man Adam Horler put me onto this ride. It’s for the climbers, that’s for sure. Here’s the link: Cent Cols in 10 days by Phillip Deeker. Pyrenees or Alps? Personally if I were to take it on, it’d be the Pyrenees, southern France isContinue reading “WebSnippet: 100 cols in 10 days?”