Sunset Winter Immersion In The Abyss

In the moments it takes to view the below video clip, magic can happen in Nature beyond our comprehension.

Imagine a time drenched in the late afternoon light of the low-setting sun, immersed in the cool calm seas, bare skin alive with vigour, body suspended effortlessly moving within this free abyss.

Free from concern, free from chasing, free from the urgency to build, to accumulate, consume and gather. Free from urges, wanting, seeking, striving, competing and taking.


Laying, motionless, quiet, in a state of acceptance and peace, body lightly shivering and quivering as the cold raw salt water barely evidencing 12 degrees creeps in.


The leafy reef sways in front of your eyes, this and that.

Wild Swimming Mornington Peninsula Great Southern Reef Leatherjackets
Leatherjackets swimming across the temperate weedy reef in Port Phillip Bay


Stillness becoming, patience. A beauty unfolds in precious seconds. This world invites you. Invites you in the way that you’re already welcome, you’re enveloped by it, even before you notice you’re now part of it.


Nurtured now, rested mind, quiet spirit, soul embraced. From afar this other world now moves forward and in, graciously floating to greet you. This single you, presenting without threat, without inducing fear, with a warmth that’s only betrayal could be against the reducing temperature, here you are, welcomed by all.

Free to choose in this moment. Theirs and yours.

Wild Swimming Mornington Peninsula Marlon Quinn
Wild swimming Mornington Peninsula Port Phillip Bay

Minutes pass, life is changed. Mesmerised by the simple moment of beauty, of grace, of a world we can learn more from on one breath, more than for some, tens of years it might take them to grapple, identify, study and promise such learnings.

People, sophisticated society, from a few hundred graceful leatherjackets floating freely on a late winter’s afternoon, in just half an hour of immersion, my, learn we could, much.

Thanks for watching.

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Filmed on breath-hold (freediving) in Port Phillip Bay, VIC, Australia. Water temperature approx 12c, no wetsuit, swimming wild.
Filmed: @nikonaustralia Nikon 1 J5, 18.5mm
Housing: Underwater Housing 6″ Dry Dome
Edited: @adobecreativecloud @adobevideo
Freediving Gear: @tusadiving Panthes Mask and IQ1204 Dive Computer, @continuum_fins custom carbon fibre fins
Tag: #curiouslyoutdoors

Wild Swimming Mornington Peninsula Port Phillip Bay Sunset
Winter Sunset over Port Phillip Bay, Mornington Peninsula