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Oxygen Advantage Breathing and Breathwork Training by Patrick McKeown
Course Delivery: Online – Lifetime Access
Includes: Self-paced video classes, step-by-step exercises to use right now, and more
Budget: <$100
Breathing System: Oxygen Advantage, by world acclaimed, Patrick McKeown

When I discovered the beauty and power of breathwork, it was through learning to freedive. It was at a time well before specialised breathwork methodologies and techniques were available to use in the every day. The power of those changes urged me to become a Professional Freediving Instructor, which I completed in 2013. Since then, I studied under several breath-hold education systems including AIDA, AUSI, Apnea Academy, Apnea International, PADI Freediver and PADI Mermaid systems, to reach the highest level of certification as a PADI Freediving Instructor Trainer.

Over a decade of working with so many wonderful students and seeing how the core breathwork so radically changed their lives, through the release of emotional trauma, the new stronger pathways to calm and relaxation displayed, but most of all, the unlocking of renewed deep inner self-belief, this encouraged me to make breathwork available to everyone, not just freedivers.

So I expanded my knowledge and practices even further to become an Oxygen Advantage® Functional Breathing Instructor through the Oxygen Advantage | Buteyko Clinic International.

Through this capacity I faithfully recommend, teach and encourage everyone to explore the power of the breath through these life-changing breathwork practices.

It only takes one breath!

  • Breathing Exercises 100% 100%
  • Self Awareness 100% 100%
  • Calm & Relaxation 100% 100%
  • Performance 100% 100%

Learning to freedive showed me how to use my breath to look inside myself. To find light in the darkness. To discover beauty in the ugliness, and to regulate my body, mind and spirit in ways that changed my entire life.

The best part is, nowadays you don’t need to learn to freedive to find new joy and peace in your life, and your days, you have the brilliant opportunity, no matter your background, to integrate changes through the breath, simply and easily with a few small steps.

Breathwork took me from a stressed and burnt out Executive to someone who could build a new capacity in difficult situations and circumstances, and even a way to find pleasure and growth in the tiniest moments, good or bad.

I took back the reigns of my life through breathwork to discover I had more choices about my response and reaction to work and personal circumstances. My work-life improved, I was more relaxed, had more energy and my athletic and coaching performances went into new realms.

You can do it too!

Nurtured by Breath

Cold Water Immersion Finding Peace in Stillness Floating in the Winter Ocean Waters

Immersing into the Southern Ocean waters for a nurturing float in boardshorts on a cool clear winter’s day on the Mornington Peninsula. The breath creates the pathway to a type of rejuvenation only found by entering the 11c water in basic swimwear.

And in those moments, finding stillness in movement, and meditation in acceptance of the cold water rippling across bare skin. In not much more than 10 minutes immersed, it doesn’t take much to sense the peace found within during a rewarding and energising wild swim in the ocean.

Best Ways to Begin

1. Home Study Online Breathing Course for Performance

The OA™ online breathing course is the perfect beginning for anyone new to breathwork. You’ll particularly enjoy it if you want to begin adding breathing techniques and exercises into your every day life easily. Great for people with active lifestyles in cycling, snowsports like skiing and snowboarding, as well as watersports including snorkelling, freediving and surfing.

2. Online Breathing Course for Anxiety, Racing Mind and Panic Disorder

Anxiety is incredibly common. Even people who function at a high level can be very anxious. From the outside, anxiety can even look like success. What isn’t so helpful is the easy way of brushing off anxious feelings as part of the job or something you “just have to live with.” This can lead to burnout.

This OA™ online breathing course is ideal for you if you suffer persistent anxieties, moments of being gripped by inaction, or paralysed by indecision. This course will help you to understand the connection between your anxiety and breathing patterns, and teach you to overcome symptoms, for good.

3. Online Breathing Course for Restful Sleep, Free From Insomnia or Sleep Apnea

Snoring and sleep apnea can ruin a good night’s sleep. And poor sleep, night after night, makes it difficult to function during the day. 

Try this online sleep course for snoring, insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea. Learn simple breathing exercises to help you achieve the deep sleep your body needs.

This OA™ online breathing course is ideal for you if you suffer from poor quality sleep, snoring or sleep apnea.  The way you breathe during the day affects your sleep. Poor sleep leaves you stressed, irritable and unable to think clearly. And quality sleep is not just critical for top athletes and high achieving business executives, sleep deprivation affects important performance factors like speed and strength in all of us.

Cold Water Immersion Swim Parka Waterproof Poncho Sorrento Mornington Peninsula Victoria
Oxygen Advantage Breathwork Course for Performance


Course Includes:

  • 2 Hours of demo & explanation videos
  • 30-minute video class with Patrick McKeown
  • Step by step learning
  • BOLT score tool
  • Start right away
Oxygen Advantage Breathwork Course for Managing Anxiety Stress

Anxiety & Stress

Course Includes:

  • 40 video lessons
  • Tailored breathing exercises
  • Self-help tools for the mind
  • Downloadable pdf book “Anxiety-Free Naturally”
  • Lifetime access
Oxygen Advantage Breathwork Course for Improved Sleep

Improving Sleep

Course Includes:

  • 30 video lessons
  • 30-minute breathing theory video
  • Tailored breathing exercises
  • Downloadable pdf book “Sleep with Buteyko”
  • Lifetime access

Raise Your Potential

Learn the Life Changing Power of the Breath and How to Apply it in Your Every Day

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