Mermaid Photoshoot – Immersing in Glorious Mornington Peninsula Rockpools

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Mermaid Lola Mornington Peninsula Coastal Rockpools Glamour Cape Cali Photoshoot

Hair swaying like fronds of kelp and mermaid tails that fin like the fish that curiously watch them. This is the beauty of a mermaid photoshoot in the sun drenched coastal rockpools of the Mornington Peninsula on the south-eastern coast of Australia.

On this sunny Spring day Marianna Mermaid and Mermaid Lola immersed into the beauty that only the coast facing the Southern Ocean provides. A powerful backdrop with raw millions-years old cliffs and rock platforms that have formed with the relentless urging of the waves that surge all the way from Antarctica. It’s here that mermaids and sirens of the sea return to the ocean and reclaim their mystical powers.

The brief for this photoshoot was simple – capture the fun moments frolicking on the coastal shelves and make the most of the sunrays shining through the water to create images that show the beauty and mystical elements of mermaiding underwater.

Mermaid Lola Mornington Peninsula Coastal Rockpools Underwater Cape Cali Photoshoot

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Photography Gear

To capture the images underwater, I use Nikon camera gear and Ikelite underwater housings:

  • Nikon Z6ii Camera Body (Amazon)
  • Nikkor Z 50mm f/1.8s Lens (Amazon)
  • Ikelite DL200 Underwater Camera Housing (Amazon)
  • Camera Sling Backpack (Amazon)
Marianna Mermaid Mornington Peninsula Mystical Underwater Photoshoot

Mermaiding is growing in such wonderful leaps and bounds that almost anyone can begin the path to becoming a mermaid.

As a qualified PADI Mermaid Instructor Trainer I enjoy the fluid process of creating wonderful moments for the camera. By understanding the unique ways that monofins and mermaid tails move and how to guide the performance mermaids to position themselves in the water, plus position myself in the optimum place underwater whilst holding my breath freediving, we then work together to choreograph and synchronise the dives to achieve the photoshoot objectives.

Even thought it is a technical feat, it’s about creating a fun and enjoyable environment that evokes a beautiful mermaiding moment.

Feeling Inspired or Need a Distraction?

In 2023 Netflix released a series that delves into the industry of mermaiding and it certainly offers a unique perspective into the commitment, energy and passion professional mermaids invest into creating their dreams.

View the documentary series MerPeople, available to see now on Netflix – “MerPeople”.

Mermaid Lola Melbourne Rockpools Underwater Cape Cali Photoshoot

Mermaid Lola – Wears Cape Cali Aruba Eco-Dive Tail

In the image above, Mermaid Lola is wearing an Eco-Dive Tail from Cape Cali. A beautiful tail it uses the Mahina Monofin inside the tail fabric to accentuate the finer tips of the tail design.

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How do I Begin Mermaiding?

Wondering about the best way to begin as a mermaid?

The best first step is to begin by learning to safely swim with a monofin. Under supervision at all times.

As you become more confident, you might then add a fabric tail to enhance your look. First practice getting out of the tail safely on dry land so that you have the skills to remove it quickly at any time. Then practice removing it in very shallow water that you can stand up in easily.

The really fun part of becoming a mermaid is to develop your own personal mersona, a character or persona that is yours to shape and create the most evocative and mystical way!

Your mermaid persona is yours to go wild with, with a wonderful array of mermaid accessories, make-up and decorative pieces to apply.

Mermaid Lola Melbourne Rockpools Underwater Cape Cali Photoshoot

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Marianna Mermaid Mornington Peninsula Beach Glamour Photoshoot

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Thanks for reading this post and I hope your next mermaid adventure is as fun as this photoshoot was.

Marlon Quinn