Cycling elegance, sans helmet?

“…many European researchers say the test of a mature bike-sharing program is when women outnumber men.” NY Times, Sept 2012. From the Article: To Encourage Biking Cities Forget About Helmets The other day I was aghast to read that Melbourne’s Bicycle Scheme is losing money.

The digital cycle – Discovery to recovery

<a name=””> Two things struck me at the 24th International Festival of Photojournalism this year. The Visa Pour L’Image is the annual forum where photojournalists from around the world meet, it’s held in Perpignan, France. Of the exhibitions, two in particular have stayed in consciousness. The first entitled “Fearless Genius” by Doug Menuez was a collectionContinue reading “The digital cycle – Discovery to recovery”

Tragedy of the commons

The passing of Elinor Ostrom on June 12th gives rise to acknowledging again not only she as the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize in economics but the ability of all us to make a difference. As mentioned in The Washington Post article, the tragedy of the commons suggests that individuals acting in self-interestContinue reading “Tragedy of the commons”

Simple questions like: Glass or Plastic?

<a name=””>  Simple questions, simple answers. Neat, very neat, very quick. A simple question such as: When buying a soft drink, is it better to buy one contained in a glass bottle or one in plastic? Maybe your first thought is the aesthetic. Glass is more tactile, perhaps it will stay cooler for longer, evenContinue reading “Simple questions like: Glass or Plastic?”

Is your behaviour eroding your personal ecosystem?

“Do not feed or handle wildlife.” What if inadvertently you’d adopted a new behaviour that resulted in you becoming a little less wild, or that you lost an important behaviour that dulled you forever? You’d be sad, wouldn’t you? Keeping them a little bit wild Why do we need to keep wildlife wild? Is itContinue reading “Is your behaviour eroding your personal ecosystem?”