Starting with a lap of Tasmania

The Lap What’s certain is that the five-week tour will start with a lap of Tasmania. Clockwise starting at Devonport. That’s okay, but that’s not really the start. To get to the real start there’s some backtracking to do.

How will the story read at the end of the year?

Everyone has a story, often it reads with how we want it to be but what it actually is, is the substance all others seek. Alessandro, reported by his sister in Italy in September 2012 as missing, presumed dead, has a story. Presumably the victim of the economy, saddened by the loss of his Father,Continue reading “How will the story read at the end of the year?”

Beyond shiny lights work the brightest stars

Cupcakes. Sweet morsels determined by a sponge-like base and coifs of cream or a spatular slathering of frosting. A hot topic in Montpellier, France at the moment. Much like the vision of a glamorous femme fatale sporting 3-inch heels on a bicycle, cupcakes exude a hint of luxury, decadence, quality-time shared with close confidantes. OrContinue reading “Beyond shiny lights work the brightest stars”

Calculating on the Unforeseen

Two Grand Dames. I’d calculated a return trip of around 2 hours, about 60kms out and back south along the coast to the French/Spanish border. No need to upload GPS tracks in preparation, this was a known route. Though, in this region “Le Vent”, the wind, is one of the unknown quantities. Extreme in itsContinue reading “Calculating on the Unforeseen”

Tragedy of the commons

The passing of Elinor Ostrom on June 12th gives rise to acknowledging again not only she as the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize in economics but the ability of all us to make a difference. As mentioned in The Washington Post article, the tragedy of the commons suggests that individuals acting in self-interestContinue reading “Tragedy of the commons”

Mindfulness: Hocus Pocus or Renewed Focus?

Way back on the 1st February this year, I despatched this prediction via Twitter, meaning that mindfulness is set to become mainstream during 2012. I stand by it. So what is mindfulness? My favourite description is this from Ruth Baer: “The non-judgmental observation of the ongoing stream of internal and external stimuli as they arise.”[1] <aContinue reading “Mindfulness: Hocus Pocus or Renewed Focus?”

Is your behaviour eroding your personal ecosystem?

“Do not feed or handle wildlife.” What if inadvertently you’d adopted a new behaviour that resulted in you becoming a little less wild, or that you lost an important behaviour that dulled you forever? You’d be sad, wouldn’t you? Keeping them a little bit wild Why do we need to keep wildlife wild? Is itContinue reading “Is your behaviour eroding your personal ecosystem?”