Weedy Seadragon en Bleu Oregon Sport Bottle




Weedy Seadragon en Bleu Sport Bottle

The Weedy Seadragon, ever so mystical in appearance, is a beautiful marine creature native to Australian southern waters that calls the mesmerising blue sea of the Mornington Peninsula home.


Swaying every so gracefully this way and that in the weedy sea grass beds, shallow to the shore and in off shore reefs, their exotically coloured body, flourishing appendages and soulful soft movements inspire a wondrous calm with eyes laid upon them.


Not only are they known for their accolade as the State of Victoria’s official marine emblem (since 2002), but infamous amongst seahorses and the like as the males are responsible for carrying the eggs of young upon their elongated whispy tail. The sight of up to 250 pink coloured eggs clutched like caviar underneath the tail in the late Spring and early Summer breeding season is a phenomenon lasting around just 8 weeks before they hatch.


Living in the Great Southern Reef habitat of 10-50m depth, they are hardy as well, not at all perturbed by the commonly endured 11-21c temperature waters.


Listed as Neat Threatened by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature IUCN, the pressures upon their habitat and population is not well known.


These Marlon Quinn designed products are designed to ensure we keep them close to our hearts and above the surface share broader awareness of the importance of these wonderfully unique and soulful creatures.


Scientific name: Phyllopteryx taeniolatus

Family: Syngnathidae family (related to seahorses, pipehorses and pipefish)

Stay hydrated while out on snorkelling adventures, cold water wild swimming, freediving the depths, or at the gym, at work, or anywhere your day takes you. The Oregon sport bottle is a custom sports bottle with 13.5 fl.oz capacity that is available in several colors to choose from. Along with its included carabiner, its lightweight and compact design, it makes the perfect outdoorsy companion.

.: Perfect for any trip
.: Twist-on lid
.: One size: 13.5oz (400ml)
.: Material: aluminium
.: Lightweight and compact
.: Choice of several color options

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