Ambition aspires to descend. Letting go of goals

<a name=””>  When we’re talking about performance, letting go of goals seems like the exact opposite thing we should be doing to excel. But what if letting go of the goal enabled the attainment of objectives beyond the original scope? “Ambition aspires to descend” – Pierre Corneille Location: Descending into the big blue deep, Anavyssos,Continue reading “Ambition aspires to descend. Letting go of goals”

Navi-what? Navigarminating. Find your ride.

<a name=””>  Do you have a certain penchant for travel? I do, especially with my devoted companion, my bicycle. When traveling however, it’s not always easy to find that local training ride or get to the top of that secret single-track, or in fact meet a knowledgeable local to ride with. Here is possibly aContinue reading “Navi-what? Navigarminating. Find your ride.”

Balancing the scoop

<a name=””>  Today’s technological society keeps us hyped up on status updates, likes, tweets, tips, tricks, and positive re-enforcement techniques. Really though, all that represents is sprinkles on the cone of an ice-cream. Sprinkles add a bit of flavour and interest to the real substance below and the supporting structure of the cone beneath. TheContinue reading “Balancing the scoop”

Dreaming of being a Pro Cyclist, but better at driving the pens than the peloton?

Here’s your chance to feel like a professional cyclist. There’s few chances in life where you can actually put your feet into the shoes of another profession, discipline or role and really live it as an expert in that field does. Unless you’re an Actor perhaps. Welcome to the Tour of Friendship cycling race inContinue reading “Dreaming of being a Pro Cyclist, but better at driving the pens than the peloton?”

Sometimes it can help to go back, reverse

On a bicycle you’re always looking ahead, scanning, anticipating, looking at the path forwards. Your head is up, identifying obstacles, changes or hazards ahead, searching for clear space. It’s a very rare occasion you’ll fully look back whilst going forwards, it might just be the point you hit that pothole and get thrown off. ButContinue reading “Sometimes it can help to go back, reverse”

Extending Boundaries

Limitations and boundaries, sometimes they’re there to keep us from straying, at other times they’re merely a motivator to push to create a new perceived limit. The Hume Hwy Over the weekend, not only were some assumptions tested, pre-existing limitations were discarded. <a name="”> As a cycling enthusiast the number of bicycles owned and ridden numbersContinue reading “Extending Boundaries”

Targeting optimum performance and optimal preparation?

The period leading up to a new role, project or event is an exciting time. The anticipation and excitement is enveloping as thoughts of the unknowns run free. How can this energy be best channelled for optimum performance upon arrival? These last weeks the countdown to a new event in a new environment and newContinue reading “Targeting optimum performance and optimal preparation?”