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Whale Tales: Barnacle’s Kelp Karmacoma

Last year’s Humpback Whale southern migration winner, Barnacle, actually there are no ‘winners’ because there’s no prizes. But in this day and age of supporting everyone as a winner, we’re going against the grain and calling him a winner anyway. Well, because he was first.

Back to Barnacle – a seasoned migrator. He’s finished 10 of these 10,000 kilometre events in the last 10 years.

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Comfort Buried Deep Under the Fear of Breathlessness

The Fear of Breathlessness.
Rising tension in the chest, the mind tightening, the clam up of the body, the building resistance to all that is physically present in front of our eyes and the mental swirls that seem to magnify the stress of the moment.

To face our fears. Looking inward to Self. Finding peace and comfort freediving on a single breath.

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Swim Wild with Leatherjackets: Winter Immersion in Port Phillip Bay

Winter Sunset Wild Swim Amongst Leatherjackets on the Mornington Peninsula

In the moments it takes to view a short video clip, magic can happen in Nature beyond our comprehension.

Imagine a time drenched in the late afternoon light of the low-setting sun, immersed in the cool calm seas, bare skin alive with vigour, body suspended effortlessly moving within this free abyss.

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Project Bike: Pinarello FP Quattro and Campagnolo Centaur Gravel Bike

Pinarello FP Quattro Carbon Fibre Gravel Bicycle Small 51.5cm equipped with Campagnolo Centaur 10-Speed 1×10 Groupset.

This swoopy brazen asymmetric carbon fibre commuting and gravel bike harnesses the true spirit of the maglia nera, dodging, ducking and weaving its way to spend as much time as possible having fun than stuck in the rat race.

Find yourself undiscovered, just like the crafty grand tour racers of old, and take yourself away from the regular trod beaten path.

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