Cycling through a developing obsession

The thing about the bike is, it takes you places you’d ordinarily not pass by car and certainly places you’d never get to by foot in the same time. As I explore the lands in the search of good coffee and treats to reward thousands of revolutions of the pedals and umpteen calories burned, theContinue reading “Cycling through a developing obsession”

The best time to start: Now or 20 years ago

There’s a saying that goes: When’s the best time to plant a tree? Now or 20 years ago. This could not have been better exemplified than at Le Boulou, France on the weekend. Sunday saw the simultaneous running of the regional cyclocross championships across France, the filtration process to identify this years best of theContinue reading “The best time to start: Now or 20 years ago”

Calculating on the Unforeseen

Two Grand Dames. I’d calculated a return trip of around 2 hours, about 60kms out and back south along the coast to the French/Spanish border. No need to upload GPS tracks in preparation, this was a known route. Though, in this region “Le Vent”, the wind, is one of the unknown quantities. Extreme in itsContinue reading “Calculating on the Unforeseen”

Ambition aspires to descend. Letting go of goals

<a name=””>  When we’re talking about performance, letting go of goals seems like the exact opposite thing we should be doing to excel. But what if letting go of the goal enabled the attainment of objectives beyond the original scope? “Ambition aspires to descend” – Pierre Corneille Location: Descending into the big blue deep, Anavyssos,Continue reading “Ambition aspires to descend. Letting go of goals”

Navi-what? Navigarminating. Find your ride.

<a name=””>  Do you have a certain penchant for travel? I do, especially with my devoted companion, my bicycle. When traveling however, it’s not always easy to find that local training ride or get to the top of that secret single-track, or in fact meet a knowledgeable local to ride with. Here is possibly aContinue reading “Navi-what? Navigarminating. Find your ride.”

Go all the way

<a name=””>  Today’s quote powered by the Moulin at Collioure, France and Charles Bukowski’s book, Factotum. The full quote: “If you’re going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don’t even start. This could mean losing girlfriends, wives, relatives and maybe even your mind. It could mean not eating for three or four days. ItContinue reading “Go all the way”

Morning is when the wick is lit

<a name=””>  Location: Port Vendres, France Carpe diem they cry. That the morning is the best time of day is obvious to some. Pre-dawn and cycling are intertwined in my existence. Darkened shadows, blinking LEDs, the still silence audible rushing by cold ears. Location: Sunrise over Port Vendres, France Location: Sunrise over Port Vendres, FranceContinue reading “Morning is when the wick is lit”