Private Freediving, Mermaiding, Snorkelling & Surf Breath-hold Lessons

Mornington Peninsula VIC

Learn at your own pace and maximise your development.






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Private freediving, mermaiding, snorkelling and surf breathhold lessons customised for your level.

Private freediving, mermaiding, snorkelling and surf breath-hold lessons are the ideal way to learn at your own pace and bridge the gaps that don’t always show themselves in a group course.

The lessons are designed to make the most of your time and make your development journey fun, whilst also being productive. Removing the pressure of performance, and frustrations that often are tied to objectives, goals and tick-off criteria, you are free to focus on being the best you can with all that you have on the day. Private lessons are held on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia and may be held elsewhere by request.

Your enjoyment and safety is the priority at all times. Learning with your highly experienced, friendly and patient instructor with almost 10 years of real world teaching experience, you’ll learn all the skills you need to boost your confidence and find your way to new comfort in the water, more easily, and with style!




Private lessons cater to individuals and up to two additional guests (max. 3x participants) tailored specifically for your needs in a personalised training format.

Private lessons are for one student

Add up to 2x extra guests per booking. Additional fees apply

ALL STUDENTS MUST have a valid freedive or mermaid certification, OR complete the eLearning module before joining a lesson

Snorkelling lessons DO NOT require a certification before beginning a lesson

Lesson Location: Mornington Peninsula VIC, incl Rosebud, Blairgowrie and Sorrento

Highest qualified and friendly instructor

Local knowledge expertise for best location and planning

Certification assessment, completion and sign-off available

PADI Freediving and Mermaiding Instructor Trainer Marlon in Mexico


Learn to be the best snorkel guide you can be with PADI Freediving and Mermaiding Instructor Trainer, Marlon Quinn.

A snorkelling, skindiving and freediving expert, Marlon created a freediving school and seal and dolphin eco boat tour business from nothing and in just a few years he turned it into a highly accredited and esteemed Victorian RACV tourism award-winning business.

Marlon has trained and strived to perfect the art of freediving with World Champions including Umberto Pelizzari (IT), Miguel Lozano (SP), Alejandro Lemus (MEX), Ant Williams (NZ), and Stavros Kastrinakis (GR). He has learned as well as taught under several education systems including, AIDA, Apnea International, Apnea Academy, AUSI, PADI Freediver and PADI Mermaid.

In 2022 he reached the highest level of trainer status, being awarded the PADI Freediving Instructor Trainer, PADI Mermaid Instructor Trainer, and EFR Instructor Trainer qualifications.




If you hold a valid freediving or mermaiding certification, you may skip Step 1 and book a lesson to begin.

Students who do not hold a certification must first complete the relevant eLearning.

You may purchase the eLearning pack in the shop at any time. This is the essential first step.

After processing your order, your eLearning pack details will be emailed to you.

You may book your private lesson now (Step 2), but you must complete your eLearning before attending the lesson.

STEP 2 – Book Private Freedive, Mermaid, Snorkel or Surf Breathhold Lesson


Once you have provided a copy of your certification or completed the eLearning, then you may book your private lesson.

Location: Mornington Peninsula VIC

Remember you can apply to be assessed for certification too. Discuss your needs when you’re ready.

Private Pool Lesson

1.5 Hours

Friday 6:00pm / Sunday 3:30pm

Location: Rosebud VIC

1:1 Starting at: $270

Private Shore Dive

1.5 Hours

Saturday / Sunday 10am or 12pm

Location: Blairgowrie Pier VIC

1:1 Starting at: $260

Private Boat Dive Lesson

2 Hours

Sat/Sun 9:30-11:30am or 12pm-2pm

Location: Sorrento VIC

1:3 Starting at: $250



Ideal for online theory class sessions, course refreshers for freediving, mermaiding, snorkel guiding and surf breathhold training updates and return to the water after a long break.

Client Reviews and Feedback

Chilly day but warm spirits! Thanks Marlon, really appreciate your expertise and guidance through the course. – Sept 2022
Nic Cooper

Owner, Wild Adventures Melbourne

Thanks again Marlon, everyone got so much out of the course. – Sept 2022

Owner, Woebegone Freedive

Everybody had a really great time and got so much out of the course, we feel really well set up to run these sessions for the students safely and make it a fun/engaging time! The way you catered to our specific experiences was awesome.

– Feb 2021

Louis Callas

Program Staffing Manager, Bindaree Outdoors

A massive thanks for all your advice…[it] made a massive difference. – Sept 2022

Secondary Teacher, Corinda High School QLD

Thanks Marlon we sure did prove we were a tough bunch on the day 👏 Thanks for an excellent course and look forward to doing more training. – Sept 2022
Tracy Botwright

Creator, Not.Nat.Geo