Ocean Adventure Snorkelling & Freediving Training Course

Take your snorkelling adventures to new depths. Apply breathing and relaxation techniques for inner calm, without the pressure of performance.
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Ocean Adventure Course

Duration: 1 – Day (6-hours approx)
Location: Portsea VIC, Australia
Base Fees: $399 pp
No. of Participants: 8x Maximum


The Ocean Adventure 1-day course is for experienced snorkellers. It is designed for people who love exploring underwater with the minimum amount of dive gear.

Whether you snorkel the bay at every opportunity to see fish, explore freshwater lakes and ponds because you can, dive out into the open ocean to feel free, or slip under the surface to take photos and videos to share with friends and family, at heart, you’re an adventurer.

The thought of simply diving into the water with just your mask, snorkel and fins, free from all the cumbersome equipment, moving fluidly and gracefully closer to the marine life, that’s your dream.

When you take the Ocean Adventure Course, it takes you one step closer.

Led by professional freediving instructor, Marlon Quinn, with over 10-years full-time teaching experience. Marlon has reached the highest level of freediving instruction attainable and is a certified PADI Freediving Instructor Trainer. He is a multi award-winning seal and dolphin tourism operator and qualified trainer in snorkelling and snorkel guiding. He is also a certified Oxygen Advantage instructor and cycling coach for sports performance.





Upcoming Courses

Portsea VIC

9am – 3pm, Sunday 22nd October 2023

*Note – Bookings close one week earlier, unless sold out

The Course Format

The course is designed to optimise your development and adaptation as a snorkeller, skindiver and freediver in five parts.

It will include indoor breathwork awareness and relaxation training, an introductory shore dive for equipment familiarisation, environmental awareness and adaptation to the sea conditions, an indoor breath-hold training session, and a second dive session for breathhold training and skills development. And to top off the aquatic adventures, a cold water immersion exercise, followed by coffee and review session.

  • Breathwork Training 100% 100%
  • Skindiving Adaptation – Gear and Sea Conditions 75% 75%
  • Breath-hold Training Techniques 40% 40%
  • Freediving Adaptation – Skills and Application 60% 60%
  • Cold Water Immersion 15% 15%

For you, immersing into the water is pure bliss. It’s your escape from the pushes and pulls of life. Whenever you leave the water and return to the land, it’s with a new feeling of invigoration and balance.  Removing your fins and putting your shoes back on, it’s almost as if they feel foreign, as if you’ve left something behind, a part of your soul, left floating in the sea.

Marlon Quinn Breathwork Coach and Adventure Photographer

Your Instructor

Your coach, Marlon Quinn, a former IT-executive turned seachanger, found new beauty and an expanded life through breathwork.

He trained with World Champion freedivers to learn the art of breathhold, to immerse deep under the surface on one inhale and explore the ocean, as well as his own mind and capabilities.

He has taught judges, emergency personnel, underwater creators, elite sports men and women, and big wave surfers the benefits that breathwork brings.

Through PADI Freediver education system and structured snorkelling training methods, he shares with you the tools and methods that will not only enhance your every moment immersed in the ocean, but also your everyday life.

Course Sessions & Highlights

0. PADI Freediver On-line Learning

Once you sign up for the course, you’ll be provided access to the PADI Freediver online learning system. Before arriving at the course you’ll complete your first level PADI Freediver online learning modules and test. The PADI Freediver education system helps prepare you for the face-to-face training with a deep dive into the science, skills and safety elements involved in freediving.

1. Breathwork Training

The session begins with an indoor breathing session to set intentions for the course and practice aware breathing, mindfulness and exercises for relaxation and improved breathing activation.

2. Shore Dive Skindiving/Snorkelling Session

Building upon the breathing session, we’ll then enjoy our first shore dive snorkelling and skindiving (with weightbelt) session. Familiarising with the important equipment elements, you will then enter the sea, becoming aware of your environment and your responses to the sea conditions. Using your regular snorkelling and freediving equipment, you’ll then apply the breathing techniques, developing your adaptation to different sea conditions and environmental influences such as poor visibility, turbulent water and waves. You will also employ equalisation technique to balance the pressure of your ears underwater.

3. Indoor Breath-hold Training Session

Returning to the indoors after training dive session #1, your time will be dedicated to further developing your breath awareness through a guided meditation exercise. Complementing the breath techniques, you will then practice static breath-hold exercises to build your breath holding capacities.

4. Shore Dive Freediving Session

Following the indoor session, we’ll enjoy the second shore dive to integrate the breath-hold techniques in the underwater environment. The exercises will include a circuit that includes several intervals to test, monitor and evaluate your own performance as you implement the finning, duckdive, and underwater swimming and skindiving skills and adapt to your breath hold dives.

5. Cold Water Immersion

The final step in consolidating your new breathwork methods takes us to the cold water with less equipment and gear. Using your new breathwork skills and techniques, the cold water immersion exercise provides the opportunity to observe your self in the same environment, to understand the application of breathwork to reduce stressors and build resilience, and to use the breath to achieve better health and quality of life. And to top off the aquatic adventures, after getting changed and warmed up, we’ll enjoy a soothing coffee over a review session.

PADI Freediver eLearning pack
Nationally Recognised Snorkel Guide Courses PADI RTO
Trevally Board Shorts

Need to Bring

Indoor Breathwork Session

  • Casual comfortable clothing
  • Drink bottle and personal snacks
  • Items for note-taking if you wish

Snorkelling, Freediving & Cold Water Immersion

  • Thick and warm wetsuit – 5mm highly recommended with hood
  • Swimwear
  • Towel
  • Mask and snorkel
  • Weightbelt and weights
  • Fins
  • Gloves and booties
  • Small bag or backpack to carry items
  • Warm jacket and beanie for after immersion


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Who is it For?

This workshop is suitable for most recreational and experienced snorkellers who are over 18 years old. It is not a beginner snorkelling course. It is a course for people who want to take their snorkelling skills to the next level, and who want to explore underwater using breath-hold techniques.

You do not have to be a serious snorkeller or freediver, but it does require an average level of fitness and you must be able to swim confidently.

Out of precaution, it is advised against participation during pregnancy, or if you are epileptic. People with cardiovascular issues, or any other serious health conditions should always consult a medical professional before starting breath training techniques or cold water immersion activities.

Paul D'Andrea and Ian Huckstepp Spanish Cycling Tour

Need Assistance ?

Do you have more questions or would like further information? Or would you like to organise a private workshop or session for your club, event or corporate group?

Please make contact and your enquiry will be attended to as swiftly as possible.

Cold Water Immersion Mornington Peninsula Victoria


The course will go ahead in all conditions. Unless deemed unsafe due to extreme weather (wind 25kn+) and dangerous sea conditions.

All fees are non-refundable. Refunds are only available if a cancellation is actioned by us due to unplanned or unforeseen circumstances. These programs are highly time intensive to create and provide for very limited places to ensure the highest quality experience. Once you have made a payment and it has been received you cannot ask for your money back under any circumstances. It is for this reason you are highly recommended to purchase travel insurance to cover you in case of an unforeseen need to cancel.

· If you would like to request a change of date or suspend your booking, you may request to do so within 1 month but no less than 7 days before the scheduled starting date of the booking. You may suspend your booking for up to 12 months, after which it is forfeited. A $100 re-booking fee will apply.

· If you would like to request a change of date within 7 days before the scheduled starting date of the booking, a 100% cancellation fee will apply to any company or individual. A cancellation fee will be based on the full cost of the booking at time of purchase


Pinarello FP Quattro Carbon Fibre Gravel Bike at Penni Ave Distillery Mornington Peninsula

Getting There

The Ocean Adventure Course is held in Portsea, on the Mornington Peninsula in southern Australia.

Portsea is steeped in history as a place for beautiful, as well as testing ocean adventures. On one side is the mostly calm Port Phillip Bay, home to the immaculate Weedy Seadragon, Bottlenose Dolphins and Australian Fur Seals. On the other, it’s the Southern Ocean and Bass Strait, known for turbulent waters that has taken many a soul, including keen spearfisherman and Australian Prime Minister, Harold Holt. It’s a place that is ideal for learning about the power and beauty of the sea.


There is ample parking in Portsea Village, both on and off street. It is recommended to park in the vicinity of the village and Portsea Pier.


It is recommended to arrive in the town of Portsea as much as one hour before the meeting time, to ensure you don’t get caught in traffic, can find parking, relax, and find where you need to be and make your way to the session with plenty of time to spare. Workshops start on time, so please arrive early to ensure you do not miss out.


There are public toilet and changing facilities at Portsea pier if needed.

Additional information will be provided in your booking email.

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After the Training

The best part about the training is that you may continue to benefit.

Immediately following the cold water immersion exercise and after warming up and changing into regular clothes, we will share coffee and the chance to chat and relax about the course and the learnings.

All participants who successfully complete the requirements of the course have the opportunity to receive a certification and endorsement: 

  • General participation – Printed Skindiver Certificate (+$35) 
  • Registered participant for SISOSNK001 – Statement of Attainment ($+40)
  • Qualifying PADI Freediver participant – PADI Basic Freediver Certification ($+50)

Then, after it’s all finished, you’ll receive a follow-up email with links to special promo codes for discounts and benefits across a range of products and services, a client feedback survey, review link, additional links to useful information, and importantly, the opportunity to consolidate your training further with Breathwork Online Course options from Oxygen Advantage.

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