You love the exhilaration and movement surfing waves gives but the fear of a wave hold down gets to you sometimes. The freediving surfer course is your answer.

Prepare for the ultimate freediving experience designed for surfers – adopt new breathing and relaxation skills you can use in tough surf conditions for more confidence.


Located in the well-being centre of Mornington Peninsula.


Prepare for the ultimate freediving experience designed for surfers, boogie boarders, bodysurfers and surf lifesavers – adopt new breathing and relaxation skills you can use in tough surf conditions for more confidence.

Reduce your fears of wave hold downs and use your freediving skills to enjoy better days surfing in more waves. 

Course Location: Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Ideal for all keen surfers to learn about how to be more comfortable in challenging surf conditions and find peace in stressful underwater situations.

You don’t need any certifications or previous dive or surf experience to join the course, but you must know how to swim.

This entry level course is suitable for you if you seek to know yourself better in the water environment, because you don’t want to suffer in wave hold downs, and really want to have the feeling of true confidence.

Through healthy, supportive and stress-free development in freediving, and surf hold down training, set yourself free from the things holding you back and become happy and confident surfing the waves in the sea, and life.

Developing the skills and knowledge over the two days moves you towards achieving the PADI Basic Freediver certification (Day 1) available upon successful completion of the course.

*For those who have already completed a PADI Basic Freediver certification or a recognised equivalent level one freediver, you can join the Better Breathhold for Surf Wave Hold Downs Masterclass course on its own, which you may book separately.


Surf Survival Breath hold course Mornington Peninsula


Marlon Quinn

Marlon Quinn

PADI Freedive & Mermaid Instructor Trainer

He himself was not a natural freediver. Having feinted at the pool from cold as a young child. 

As an adult though, he at last found the sea, only to encounter a stingray head-on and retreat with fright. This was the catalyst though, to learn with World Champion freedivers across the globe, the modern gods of the sea, where he found beauty and peace within himself, on one breath, freediving deep into the blue sea.

Learn the art of freediving with Marlon and find your own sea within. 

As an instructor myself I also recommend Marlon Quinn! Teaches far more than just by the book. Of all the instructors I’ve met he’s definitely the best.” – 2 March 2021

(WaterMaarq Level One Student)

Kaeo Landon Lane

PADI Freediving Instructor, Freedive Tasmania


This is a journey of personal discovery to understand your true self in the sometimes punishing, and beautiful underwater world.

This 2-day freediving surfer course provides breathwork and relaxation methods in a safe and supportive environment for up to eight guests, held in Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula.

Surf Survival Training

Supportive & Stress Free Learning: Develop step by step with your dedicated instructor and reach PADI Basic Freediver certification without pressure of performance

Inclusive & Professional: Find your inner strength, through an inclusive and professional approach to coaching in small groups and the opportunity to refine your own techniques comfortably

Breathwork & Balance: Guided breathwork and meditation sessions to develop a new relationship between you and your breath, breathing and breathhold confidence

Immersion Tools for Every Day: Fully tailored approach for surfers, body boarders, surf rescuers and anyone wanting to build new confidence. Begin to see inside yourself benefited by instructor insights and personalised coaching on breathhold and freediving and surf hold down skills in the pool

Recognised Certification: Upon successful completion of the course elements, receive your PADI Basic Freediver certification or continue your learning and development after the course with your instructor

Perks and Benefits: Increase your breathhold and comfort in the water and refine your surf hold down skills underwater for greater confidence in yourself and your abilities. Adopt safe practices and connect with like-minded surfers in your own group. 

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Surf Survival Breath hold course Mornington Peninsula
Freediving Breathwork Water Wellness Retreat Boat Tour Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne


 See into the fun ways you can freedive in this short clip from a backbeach dive with Jules aka OneBreathDiver on the Mornington Peninsula. What a way to enjoy the water when there’s no surf!


Get ready to begin your journey into new confidence and the freedom to surf in more conditions learning freediving techniques and wave hold down skills on the Mornington Peninsula.

An important beginning for your next adventure into the surf.


  • 2-Day Course based at modern and comfortable aquatic centre, YAWA, Rosebud VIC
  • PADI e-learning access for both freediving on-line learning before the course
  • Breathwork exercises & guided meditation
  • Pool breathhold & dynamic session
  • Equipment & gear session
  • Pool surf wave hold down training and simulation session
  • PADI Basic Freediver Certification
  • Very Limited Places, 8 x Guests Maximum
  • Package Price RRP$598pp (Normally $399 + $249, SAVE $50)
Day 1
  • 10:30am – 3:30pm
  • Welcome, Theory Recap & Self-Awareness
  • Breathwork & Guided Meditation
  • Pool Relaxation & Breathhold Practice
Day 2
  • 2pm – 5pm
  • Classroom Theory, Expression & Development
  • Pool Mermaid Skills, Safety & Underwater Practice



What you will need to bring:

Freediving Training:

Bathing suit, 5mm wetsuit, weightbelt and weights, mask and snorkel, fins, towel(s), re-useable water bottle, and personal snacks.



It’s so exciting to provide this opportunity to combine the beauty of freediving and surf hold down training in two days of course delivery and training, it’s taken a lot of energy, effort and organisation to be in a position to offer this unique program. The course has very limited places and it’s important that participants are committed to the experience.

Bookings are absolutely non refundable. This is because the courses are highly time intensive to create and deliver and with such small class sizes, and a variety of overheads to bring it together, even the slightest change to participant numbers has a big flow on effect. To avoid anyone’s disappointment, there are no conditions under which a refund will be provided, only if the course is cancelled by us for unforeseen reasons. It is highly recommended that you purchase travel or dive trip insurance to cover yourself in case of an unforeseen need to cancel.

Please review the PADI Divers Medical Questionnaire and Medical Statement (Link Here) medical form before booking to determine whether you may attend. A refund is unavailable if you do not pass your medical, so please take those important steps before you book.


Bookings close 7-days in advance of the course, we recommend booking as early as possible to ensure your place.



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  • Freediving Surfer Course

Freediving Experiences

  • 2hr Freediving Line-Dive and Reef Tour
  • Solomon Islands Freediving Holiday


  • Mermaid Pool Photoshoot
  • Mermaid Shore/Beach Photoshoot
  • Mermaid Open Water Photoshoot

Professional Development

  • PADI Mermaid Instructor
  • PADI Freediving Instructor
  • PADI / EFR First Aid Instructor
  • Snorkel Guide / Snorkel Supervisor Course

Exclusive Offer


Sign up for the 2-Day Freediving Surfer Course Package and Save $50 compared to purchasing the PADI Basic Freediver ($399) and Surf Wave Hold Downs Masterclass ($249) individually.


Take your leap into the big blue with confidence. Learn from former IT Executive and Sea Changer, PADI Freediving and Mermaiding Instructor Trainer, Marlon Quinn.

Marlon Quinn Cold Water Immersion Wild Swim Port Phillip Bay


PADI Freediving and Mermaiding Instructor Trainer

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