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Marlon Quinn is an award winning tourism professional. He has a special interest in the Australian wellness industry and has created incredible tourism experiences, developed successful award and tender submissions, implemented high functioning booking system solutions, and delivered inspirational speaking engagements and training events.

Based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, and consulting across Australia.

Wonderful. Informative. Supportive. Great. Knowledgeable.

Those words show up most often in feedback I get after working with clients.

Hi, I’m Marlon.

Thank you for considering me to assist you reach your goals and objectives.

I want to help you grow and thrive. I believe your specific needs and unique challenges can be solved. Let’s begin exploring some of the ways we can create the means.


Tour Product Design

Optimise new and existing tour product design in:

  • Marine eco boat tours
  • Snorkelling experiences
  • Freediving courses and excursions
  • Breathwork and cold water immersion workshops
  • Wellness retreats
  • Cycling tours and holidays
  • Backcountry ski touring adventures

Tailored for deeper engagement and enhanced guest experience.

Workshops & Training

Improve individual, team and organisational performance through dedicated workshops and professional development training.

  • Marine tourism businesses – seal and dolphin
  • Outdoor education operations – snorkelling
  • Secondary schools and training providers – snorkel guiding
  • Wellness tourism organisations – breathwork training

Up-skill staff with certified Snorkel Guide courses or enhance the well-being of your people with breathwork training in a corporate workshop or team building experience.

Booking Systems & Channels Manager

Farewell manual bookings and welcome automation to streamline your booking process. Implementation and review of booking system and channel manager solutions to increase efficiency and improve the customer experience, plus streamline operations and use of resources.

Systems include:

  • Rezdy
  • Bookeo
  • Viator
  • TripAdvisor
  • ATDW
  • Bookeasy

Communications & Stakeholder

Improve and maintain healthy relationships with your key stakeholders through:

  • Clearer expectation management
  • Enhanced organisation and engagement processes
  • Effective communications and relevant interactions
  • Sound conflict resolution and issue management
  • Mutual gains negotiation for shared outcomes

Awards, Tenders & Reviews

Strive for more stars, and develop your:

  • Tourism award application
  • Tender submission, or
  • Product reviews

Capture readers’ attention by uncovering the real stories and unique insights that create persuasive and engaging proposals to grow success in your organisation or operation.

Creative Copywriting

Inspire and convert travellers into clients and guests to enhance the reach of your tourism website and business presence to a wider audience with:

  • Product and experience descriptions
  • Tour interpretation
  • Email campaigns
  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Brochures, and
  • Social media content marketing

Weave new interest and enriching creativity into your content that will keep your guests intrigued beyond their first visit.

Tour Product Design

Design experiential products for wellness, adventure and eco marine tourism to unearth the authentic story-telling and devise successful customer fulfilment and sustainable business operations.

Awards, Tenders and Reviews

Inject the special spice that gets the tongues talking about your business with a heightened sense of passion and wonder. Turn statistics into stars, and in-house achievements into a house of applause.

Booking Systems and Channels

Booking systems and channels managers are only as successful as the configuration that gets them humming seamlessly and chat botting together. Optimise your systems with improved automation in client messaging, capturing reviews, setting coupons, promo codes and packages and de-cluttering your product and category portfolio.

Workshops and Training

Practical training and professional development for your team members. Upskill and meet regulatory compliance in marine tourism and outdoor education with certified Snorkel Guide courses for your staff, or enhance the well-being of your team members with breathwork training in a corporate workshop or team building experience.

Communications and Stakeholder

Remove the noise and clear the air for free chatter and positive relationships across your partners, suppliers, and even your competitors with a renewed approach to stakeholder and business engagement. Let the mutual gains approach increase the gains for you and all your connections.

Creative CopyWriting

Let the words become your business’s wings, lofting your presence in the online and offline world. Move away from the standard prose and templates and find power and poise in your connection with your ideal audience.

Marlon Quinn Wellness Tourism Consultant Copywriter Mailchimp Certified

I went into this...with high expectation as a result of a referral from a trusted source and not only were my expectations met, they were exceeded.

Dean Laffan, CEO @ RealWorld

Marlon is very friendly, easy going and knowledgeable. Taking the time to stop, explore, answer questions and pass on knowledge.

Brad, Dec 2022

A deeply nurturing invitation to explore breath within our bodies, witnessing your breath & gently coming to complete softness, relaxation and surrender within the water, under Marlon’s kind, safe & trusting guidance.

Stephanie Pollock, Founder @ Birthing Artemis Teas

Peninsula Hot Springs
Rezdy Booking System
Viator Channel Manager System
TripAdvisor Review System

If you want a better wellness business, to overcome challenges, or to soar higher in your potential, I can help.

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