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We booked in for this course thinking we may learn a couple of things to make us better freedivers. We left with an experience that I’ll remember for life. Alex

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TripAdvisor Review

I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough for those who want to just increase their comfort levels in the surf or others who want to push the limits of their surfing that bit further. Cam

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TripAdvisor Review

Marlon knew his stuff, was personable and relaxed, and the group got along great. The focus at all times was to be safe, dive within yourself and just enjoy it. I loved it!!  Scott

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TripAdvisor Review

After many years of contemplation, I finally completed the First Level freediving course. It was a great experience that left me with an excited and confident feel about freediving. I found every aspect of the course, which was run by our instructor Marlon Quinn, to be excellent.

The theoretical material was presented in an enjoyable and easily digestible manner, while the pool training enabled us to practice the basic technics and safety procedures in a safe environment.

The actual training in open water was the most fun part of the course, where we gradually were taken through different and more challenging tasks. Marlon continuously provided us with good feedback, and ensured that we were fine throughout the training.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in freediving and especially our instructor Marlon, who provided a great learning environment that was safe, fun and well organised.

Stein Ringstad

Stein, Melbourne

Role: Freediving Instructor

Client, Damian, First Level Freediving Course
“[I] want to say thanks again for the weekend. You’re a credit to the industry both in your teaching style and complete lack of ego. I really enjoyed myself.”



Role: Freediving Instructor

Client, Denise, First Level Freediving Course

“Marlon, I had an absolute ball. I am still on a high, and seem to be spending too much time looking longingly at utube (sic) free divers (there are some ripper ones on black out scary stuff).

A huge thank you to you… I think you saved me in time before I tested out the black out for myself! Lifesaver!!”


Role: Maarq Consulting, Advisor

Client, Karin Vosmansky, Director, Life’s Little Treasures Foundation
Via Twitter [@KarinVosmansky]: “love working with Marlon [@MaarqConsult] such a talented guy”