USED Campagnolo Shamal Ultra Limited Edition Gold Road Wheelset 700c


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Limited Edition Campagnolo Shamal Ultra Gold Clincher 700c Road Bicycle Wheelset (Used)

Supplied with:
Front and Rear Wheel
Campagnolo Skewers
Current Campagnolo Aluminium Freehub Body

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Presented here, the ultimate Campagnolo collector, connoisseur and aficionado’s dream bling, the very limited edition Shamal Ultra Gold clincher wheelset.

This rare pair of 700c gold clincher road bike wheels has all the features you’re used to from the quality Italian house of Campy.

We’ll wait to get to the colour, before then, let’s highlight the carbon fibre hubs, finished in glossy black with the protrusions of the weave glowing up through from their base. From here the gold limited edition alloy spokes radiate outwards, like rays of the sun.

The flat aero aluminium spokes, uniquely anodized, offer balanced radial lacing on the front, all 16 spokes pointing synchronistically from the subtle mated flanges in a flare towards the meaningful curve of the wheel.

The rear wheel, all 21 spokes girded by the scalloped recesses that emphasise the large diameter alloy nipples that secure them.

What modern wheel would epitomise the Campagnolo brand more than the defining and innovation leading G3 lacing?

Fourteen spokes attuned to the drive side, with the bold high flange housing the bulbous nodes of the spoke head. Seven spokes rest inside the sleek close-knit flange on the non-drive side.

Pronouncing their arrival well in advance, the rims, mid-depth in their aero weighting, they signify the entrance of royalty, the striking reflections of a kingdom, if gold leaf were available, they would have applied it, instead, the gold anodized finish of the front rim tells a story of 24mm depth profile, feathery in rotational mass and when released, actually Campagnolo’s lightest ever wheelset.

The rear crown, or rather, rim, with slightly deeper profile for more drive and power, (befitting no?), provides greater aerodynamic efficiency, mating it’s 790 grams to the front’s 605 grams for a total wheelset magnitude of 1395.

Machining the rim braking surface for maximal arresting powers, they urge you to pull up just as fast as you can take off.

Available now for your own display.

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Condition Report:

Front Wheel –

Spins smoothly and freely, and true. Three spokes evidence some scratches, mid-spoke, indications can be seen in the images. The braking surface has plenty of wear left, though, there is some pitting along a section of the rim where it meets the tyre, this also can be seen in the images presented. The alloy nipples have lost some of their lustre as compared the rear wheel. The skewer is in excellent condition.

Rear Wheel –

Spins smoothly and freely, and true. Very very few light markings, easy to miss unless your eye has become pernickety. The braking surface is almost new, with the machined tracks easily visible. Some residue from the fresh rubber brake pads remains, this is visible in the images. The alloy spoke nipples are glossy and lustful. The freehub body for Campagnolo cassettes is in excellent condition, barely worn. The skewer is in very good condition, with some light marking on the outer, this is visible in the images.


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