Dreaming of a new career as a professional mermaid, teacher/instructor and building your very own Mermaid Business?


Join this immersive mermaid experience with your PADI Freediving & Mermaiding Instructor Trainer, Marlon Quinn, a former IT-Executive turned seachanger and award-winning tourism operator!

Course Location: Stradbroke Island, QLD


This Mermaid Instructor course package is designed for you if you are interested in achieving your PADI Mermaid Instructor certifications!

Whether you are brand new to the mermaid world or already a professional – these courses are a great addition for everyone.

Offered over 4 days including PADI Mermaid, Advanced Mermaid, Mermaid Instructor and EFR First Aid Instructor, it’s a very unique opportunity to develop in a small and very select group of participants. 

Course Dates:
Fri 18th – Mon 21st August, 2023

Applications Close: 20 June 2023

Course Location:
Stradbroke Island, QLD, Australia

Live life with a beaming smile by the water – become a PADI Mermaid Instructor on this 4-day course experience, based on the second largest sand island in the world, Stradbroke Island in QLD.

Begin your journey as a professional in the mermaid dive business, in a place surrounded by azure, crystal clear waters of the South Pacific.

Gain a distinct advantage by learning from your instructor, someone who has built an award-winning operation and not-for-profit sports club from scratch. A person who lives a life centred on purpose and passion. Unlock your ability to develop your new way in life, whether it’s a new mermaid business, fun side-hustle or because it’s all you’ve ever wanted to do!

The course provides the full suite of PADI Mermaid certifications over four days and each day builds upon the one before in sequence. PADI Mermaid is first and then you’ll continue with the Advanced Mermaid and all the way to Instructor. Round out your skills and qualifications with and optional EFR First Aid Instructor course, specialty business marketing session and photoshoot. All whilst immersed on an island paradise!

Day 1 AM – PADI Mermaid
Day 1 PM – PADI Advanced Mermaid
Day 2 and 3 – PADI Mermaid Instructor
Day 4 – Optional Photoshoot & Business Marketing

Scroll down for full itinerary and inclusions!


Through healthy, supportive and stress-free development in mermaiding, liberate yourself from the things holding you back and become happy and confident swimming freely in the sea, and life with your highly experienced and professional instructor trainer.

Developing the skills and knowledge over the four days moves you towards successful completion of the PADI Mermaid and PADI Advanced Mermaid certifications, plus achieving the PADI Mermaid Instructor Course requirements (PADI instructor application process applies).


PADI Mermaid Training and Underwater Performance Courses Melbourne Australia

Mermaid, advanced mermaid & mermaid instructor

PADI Mermaid Course Melbourne Sydney Brisbane
Marlon Quinn

Marlon Quinn

PADI Freedive & Mermaid Instructor Trainer

From the suits and ties, now he’s a professional PADI Freediving & Mermaiding Instructor Trainer, boat pilot, underwater photographer, writer and award-winning seal and dolphin tourism business founder. And with Marlon you can learn the secrets and art to begin and develop your own new life and fun career in the underwater world.

He himself was not a natural freediver. Having feinted at the pool from cold as a young child. 

As an adult though, he at last found the sea, only to encounter a stingray head-on and retreat with fright. This was the catalyst though, to learn with World Champion freedivers across the globe, the modern gods of the sea, where he found beauty and peace within himself, on one breath, freediving deep into the blue sea.

Learn the arts of freediving and mermaiding with Marlon and express yourself freely from the sea hidden within you. 

As an instructor myself I also recommend Marlon Quinn! Teaches far more than just by the book. Of all the instructors I’ve met he’s definitely the best.” – 2 March 2021

(WaterMaarq Level One Student)

Kaeo Landon Lane

PADI Freediving Instructor, Freedive Tasmania


The 4-day course is perfect for Merfolk interested in beginning a new career as a Mermaid Instructor and developing a fun local merfolk community.

All skill levels are welcome as you’ll build confidence swimming with a monofin and performing underwater.

An inclusive experience for all people of all backgrounds.

Just imagine working in the career you dream of, teaching mermaiding and underwater performance with others! 

PADI Mermaid Course Photoshoot Mornington Peninsula

Supportive & Stress Free Learning: Develop step by step with your dedicated instructor without the pressure of performance

Inclusive & Professional: Find your inner mermaid, through an inclusive and professional approach to coaching in small groups and the opportunity to refine your own techniques comfortably

Immersion & Culture: Enjoy a very special opportunity to immerse into Nature as part of the programme (and possibility to see whales passing by from shore), to balance the concentration and training with free spiritedness and healthy time spent outdoors and in the sea in Quandamooka Country

Photoshoots: Photoshoots are available as an additional part of the program. Offered at a special sponsored rate just for course participants, it includes underwater and dry posing options and up to 10x fully edited digital images. Options to purchase the gallery in unedited form and / or prints as well

Recognised Certification: Upon successful completion of the course elements, receive your PADI Mermaid and PADI Advanced Mermaid certifications and after the course submit your application to become a recognised PADI Mermaid instructor (PADI application process and separate fees apply)

Perks and Benefits: Prepare to go Pro as a certified PADI Mermaid instructor. Refine your mermaid skills underwater for greater confidence in yourself and your abilities. Adopt safe practices and connect with like-minded merfolks in your own pod. Enhance your ability to begin work as a mermaid with a formal qualification, most often required in commercial gigs and events. Save on Cape Cali Mermaid with special discount code too!

Cape Cali Adult Eco Sirena Tail Peridot
PADI Mermaid Training and Underwater Performance Courses Melbourne Australia
PADI Mermaid Course Photoshoot Mornington Peninsula
Mermaids at Portsea beach


See into the fun ways you can become a mermaid, merman or underwater performer in this short clip from a skills and play session in the pool. Monofin technique, bubble ring blowing, manoeuvering and playful swimming underwater. What a way to enjoy the water!

Featuring Marianna Mermaid, Lola, and Instructor Trainer, Marlon Quinn



Get ready to begin your journey into the beauty and free expression of mermaiding on beautiful Stradbroke Island.

Applications Close: 20 June 2023
Announcements: 30 June 2023
Course Payments Due: 14 July 2023
Course: Fri 18th – Mon 21st Aug 2023


  • 4-Day Course based at beautiful Stradbroke Island QLD
  • PADI e-learning access for each selected mermaid level on-line learning before the course
  • Classroom theory, mermaid exercises & coaching
  • Safety and skills practice
  • Equipment & gear session
  • Pool mermaiding sessions
  • PADI Mermaid Certification
  • PADI Advanced Mermaid Certification
  • Whale Watching excursion
  • Local Cultural tour
  • Business Marketing Session (optional)
  • Underwater or Dry Land Photoshoot (optional)
  • EFR Instructor Course (optional)
  • Very Limited Places, 4-8 x Guests Maximum
  • Package Pricing Available 
Indicative Schedule:
Day 0
  • Arrivals and check-in

Day 1
  • 8am – 1pm – Mermaid Course (classroom theory + pool training) and, 

  • 2pm – 5pm – Advanced Mermaid Training (pool and open water swimming)

  • Point Lookout Sunset / Whale Watching from Shore Visit (optional)

Day 2
  • 8:30am – 3pm Mermaid Instructor Training (classroom theory + pool training)

  • 3:30pm – 5pm Cultural Tour / Snorkel Activity (sea conditions permitting)

Day 3
  • 9am – 3pm Mermaid Instructor Training (classroom theory + pool training), and

  • 5 – 7pm EFR First Aid Instructor Training (optional)

    Day 4

  • 8am – 10am Mermaid Photo Shoot / Snorkel Amity Point Beach (sea conditions permitting) or Pool (optional)

  • 11am – 1pm Business Marketing (optional)

  • Departures Monday afternoon.


What you will need to bring:

Mermaid Training:

  • PADI Mermaid Program Instructor Guide (will be provided to you)
  • PADI Mermaid Program eLearning (Basic, Mermaid, and Advanced (will be provided to you)
  • Mask, snorkel and bi-fins appropriate for freediving / snorkelling
  • Weight belt and weights in small increments
  • Mermaid tail (monofin) and outfit
  • Appropriate exposure protection (wetsuit / rash guard and leggings)
  • Nose clip

It’s so exciting to provide this opportunity to develop in mermaiding and to share the fun of working as an instructor in four days of course delivery and training. It’s taken a lot of energy, effort and organisation to be in a position to offer this unique program. The course has very limited places and it’s important that participants are committed to the experience.

Bookings are absolutely non refundable. This is because the courses are highly time intensive to create and deliver and with such small class sizes, and a variety of overheads to bring it together, even the slightest change to participant numbers has a big flow on effect. To avoid anyone’s disappointment, there are no conditions under which a refund will be provided, only if the course is cancelled by us for unforeseen reasons. It is highly recommended that you purchase travel or dive trip insurance to cover yourself in case of an unforeseen need to cancel.

Please review the PADI Divers Medical Questionnaire and Medical Statement (Link Here) medical form before booking to determine whether you may attend. A refund is unavailable if you do not pass your medical, so please take those important steps before you book.


Bookings close 1-month in advance of the course, we recommend booking as early as possible to ensure your place.



  • Freediving Cold Water Course
  • Freediving Photography Course
  • Freediving Surfer Course

Freediving Experiences

  • 2hr Freediving Line-Dive and Reef Tour
  • Solomon Islands Freediving Holiday


  • Mermaid Pool Photoshoot
  • Mermaid Shore/Beach Photoshoot
  • Mermaid Open Water Photoshoot

Professional Development

  • PADI Mermaid Instructor
  • PADI Freediving Instructor
  • PADI / EFR First Aid Instructor
  • Snorkel Guide / Snorkel Supervisor Course

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Take your leap into the big blue with confidence. Learn from former IT Executive and Sea Changer, PADI Freediving and Mermaiding Instructor Trainer, Marlon Quinn.

Marlon Quinn Cold Water Immersion Wild Swim Port Phillip Bay


PADI Freediving and Mermaiding Instructor Trainer

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