Mermaiding Intro | PADI Basic Mermaid

Dedicated to everyone keen to express their inner mermaid! - Mornington Peninsula





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Intro to Mermaiding | PADI Basic Mermaid Course

Lead the way and begin extending your tail flukes to swim comfortably underwater on this introductory PADI Basic Mermaid course.

It’s dedicated to everyone keen to express their inner mermaid!

Located on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. VIC.

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PADI Basic Mermaid Experience


Who isn’t attracted to the mystical and magical playfulness of mermaids? The beauty of the movement, the flowing tail, the graceful art of performing underwater in your own mermaiding dream. 

This introductory course is perfect for literally diving into the culture and fundamentals to evoke your inner mermaid. Founded on the PADI Basic Mermaid Program, important safety skills are learned and practiced too. 

Book your own rental mermaid tail to try on the day for the full authentic experience as well!

The PADI Basic Mermaid Course is the first real step in developing your potential as a real-life mermaid! This course is designed for beginners that haven’t had any experience with monofins or have just got their first mermaid tail. Through this course, teenagers and newcomers interested in mermaid diving will systematically learn mermaid diving skills and obtain a certificate. Located in the well-being centre of Mornington Peninsula.

You don’t need any previous mermaid experience to enjoy this experience, however you must have basic swimming skills to gain the most from the training.  

  • Limited to only 4x students for more personalised training
  • Hire Tails for kids and adults available (fees apply)
  • Course includes on-line learning, classroom and pool training
  • Ideal for mermaids, snorkellers, skindivers and beginner freedivers
  • Achieve your PADI Basic Mermaid certification upon successful completion
  • For ages 14 years and above

Ideal for trying the feeling of turning into a mermaid and learning how to swim with a monofin using the dolphin kick method. 

Through healthy, supportive and stress-free development in mermaiding, set yourself free from the things holding you back and become happy and confident swimming freely in the sea, and life.

Developing the skills and knowledge within your reach moves you towards PADI Basic Mermaid certification, available upon successful completion of the course.

PADI Mermaid Training and Underwater Performance Courses Melbourne Australia
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Duration & Availability

  • PADI Mermaid eLearning before the course experience
  • 1 hour classroom knowledge session
  • 1 hour instructor led coaching session in the pool
  • Select evenings and weekend afternoons all year round

Suitable for

  • Ages 14 and up
  • Ideal for beginner mermaids that are just starting to develop their dreams of swimming underwater. Learn in a supportive way without the pressure of performance
  • The ability to submerge and swim under water without panicking is required

Expect to learn

  • Warm up exercises before entering the water
  • Putting on your mermaid tail, removal and maintenance
  • Weight adjustment, safety skills and equalisation
  • Fun mermaid skills including dolphin kick and dive practice


YAWA Aquatic Centre
Rosebud, Mornington Peninsula VIC, Australia

What to bring?

  • Bathing suit, goggles, mermaid tail, towel, re-useable water bottle
  • Optional: wetsuit to stay warm in the pool, weightbelt and weights, mask and snorkel, fins.

Style of Experience

Evoke your mersona, enjoy learning mermaiding techniques with tailored coaching and fun skills development with a professional


All Guests: $295
Mermaid Monofins for Hire: Select Adult / Child options during booking


Bookings close five days before the experience. Book early to secure your place! 
Contact us for last minute availability.

Marlon Quinn Freediving Instructor Cold Water Immersion

Meet Your Instructor

Marlon Quinn – PADI Freedive and Mermaid Instructor Trainer

Let the water flow around you and learn to see within on a specialist retreat led by former IT Executive turned Sea Changer, Freediving Instructor Trainer, RIB Pilot and Dolphin & Seal Tour Host, Marlon Quinn.

He himself was not a natural freediver. Having feinted at the pool from cold as a young child. On another occasion being rushed to hospital unable to breathe, feeling as if suffocating. Being crushed to expiration by wayward teens in a game of stacks-on. Surely not the core foundations to holding one’s breath.

As an adult though, he at last found the sea, only to encounter a stingray head-on and retreat with fright. This was the catalyst though, to learn with the world’s best freedivers, the modern gods of the sea, where he found beauty and peace within himself, on one breath, freediving deep into the blue sea. In 2013 Marlon founded the Melbourne Freedivers Club and since 2014 Marlon has evoked the true passion of the water, providing freediving courses across Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. Going on to develop a multi-award winning dolphin & seal tour RIB charter operator and recognised premiere PADI Freediver and Mermaid Centre.

About the PADI Basic Mermaid Session



Discover the call of your inner mermaid and begin developing your skills on this beginner mermaiding course for just four guests. 

  • Supportive & Stress Free Learning:   Develop step by step with your dedicated instructor and reach PADI Basic Mermaid certification without pressure of performance
  • Swim as a Mermaid:    Evoke your mersona, enjoy learning mermaiding techniques with tailored coaching and fun skills development

Skill Level

Ideal for beginner mermaids that are just starting to develop their dreams of swimming underwater. Learn in a supportive way without the pressure of performance.

  • Beginner          (eg Basic mermaid/snorkelling experience or up to PADI Skindiver certification)

Required Swim Ability

– The ability to swim at least 25m without swim aids / floatation devices
– The ability to back float on the water’s surface at least 3 minutes
– The ability to submerge and swim under water without panicking.

Get ready to set yourself free with WaterMaarq in the beautiful restorative waters of Mornington Peninsula and southern Port Phillip Bay.

An important place of indigenous, colonial history and unique temperate reef waters and protected marine creatures and bird life.


  • Structured Course based at the YAWA Aquatic Centre
  • PADI Mermaid e-learning access for on-line learning before the course
  • Warm-up techniques
  • Pool entry skills & dynamic mermaid session
  • PADI Basic Mermaid Certification
  • 4 x Guests Maximum

Part 1 (1hrs approx)

  • Welcome & Theory Recap
  • Mermaid Culture and Safety

Part 2 (1hrs approx)

  • Pool Mermaid Dynamic Skills and Safety Practice
  • Course Debrief & Closure

What you will need to bring:

Bathing suit, 3-5mm wetsuit to stay warm in the pool, weightbelt and weights, mask and snorkel, fins, towel(s), and re-useable water bottle

Optional: Mermaid Tail / Monofin, Swimming / Synchro Style Nose Clip / Sinus Saver Nose Plugs / Freediving noseclip 

Course Includes

During this course, enjoy a calm classroom experience and then enter the pool for technical skills training.

-Theory Session (1 hr):

  • Learn the basic knowledge of mermaid diving

-Confined Water Sessions (1 hr):

  • Warm-up and stretching before entering the water
  • Equipment preparation, putting on, removal and maintenance
  • Entering and exiting the water
  • Weight adjustment
  • Dolphin kick
  • Equalisation skills
  • Safety skills (2 minutes of floating / treading water wearing all mermaid equipment; cramp relief )
  • Mermaid diving skills practice, etc.



This wonderful experience takes place on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. It’s around a 90-minute drive from Melbourne. In modern life the Mornington Peninsula is well known as a centre of well-being, surrounded by the waters of Port Phillip Bay and the Southern Ocean and Bass Strait. An incredible environment it is a destination that favours relaxing activities and immersion in Nature. Renowned for fresh produce farms, marine delicacies and long-established wineries, the Mornington Peninsula provides experiences for the discerning visitor. Historically rich, the region was home to the Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation that may have traversed the shores for more than 40,000 years. First Settled by the British in early 1800s, it is an area now recognised for healthy living and protected wildlife including Australian Fur Seals, Bottlenose Dolphins (Burrunan) and Weedy Seadragons.

PADI Basic Mermaid Certifications

This entry level Basic Mermaid Course provides the opportunity for you to develop skills and knowledge within your reach and move towards PADI Basic Mermaid certification, which is available upon successful completion of the course. To satisfactorily enrol in a PADI Basic Mermaid certification course you must be at least 14 years old. You need adequate swimming skills and need to be in good physical health. No prior experience with mermaiding, snorkelling, skin diving or freediving is required.

  • Caters to mermaids, snorkellers, skindivers and beginner freedivers
  • Minimum age: 14 years
  • Learn to swim 25m length in the pool as a mermaid, and float comfortably for 3 minutes
  • Successful completion results in world-recognised PADI Basic Mermaid certification

Terms & Conditions:

  • Session fees are non-refundable (unless the session is cancelled by us for unforeseen circumstances), please choose your experience with care. Trip insurance is highly recommended as cover for unforeseen cancellations
  • Courses are held on the Mornington Peninsula and visits Rosebud VIC during the sessions
  • Please arrive at the venue 15 minutes before commencement time to ensure you have enough time to check in and get settled
  • Please dress comfortably
  • Please bring a bag with your swimmers and goggles (Optional: wetsuit, fins, mask, snorkel and weightbelt) a towel and your own re-usable water bottle. Rental tails are available.
  • Guests must be able to swim. Retreats do not cater for people with no swimming ability. The Instructor retains the right to refuse participation in which case your attendance is forfeited
  • Guests with back, neck, or heart conditions, those who are pregnant or who have injuries/conditions that may cause a risk to their health are advised not to participate, or do so at their own risk
  • A Diver’s Medical Statement and Questionnaire must be submitted to attend the course
  • A diving medical (AS4005.1) may be required prior to commencement of the course
  • Subject to minimum numbers and may be rescheduled if minimum numbers are not met