Be Your Fear Master When it Counts

Find strength in fear, boldness in calm, confidence in comfort. Step-by-step surf hold-down training that re-writes your programmed fears and makes you master of your breath in repeated high stress moments.

Nothing is perhaps more extreme than the unpredictable ocean. Big wave surf training deals with the unknown, the freak waves, the heavy surf, the shore breaks, the white water washing machine. Even more, it determines how you cope with the next one.

On a one day course in Melbourne, take surfing to new levels with refined breathing and relaxation techniques, and find a place of inner calm even under the worst wave hold down. Delivered by Marlon Quinn under the worldwide recognised PADI Freediver certification system.

On-Line Learning

Begin your breath-hold development with the easy to access and on-line learning PADI Freediver education system content. Learn anywhere anytime at your own pace before the classroom session.

Freediving Breathhold Training Course with Marlon Quinn

Classroom Session

Meet your new training buddies and in a small group explore the fears that drive stress in hold downs, then apply practical breathing exercises and adapt to solid relaxation techniques for new calm and comfort.

Pool Training

Building on the knowledge, breathing methods and relaxation techniques, pool training drills rapidly improve your hold-down technique and mastery of your breath for new confidence levels.

“Cheers Marlon for teaching me how to stay calm, relaxed and most importantly breathe properly in typical surfing situations!

I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough for those who want to just increase their comfort levels in the surf or others who want to push the limits of their surfing that bit further.”

Cam Robinson – TripAdvisor

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