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Marlon Quinn has shared the transformative power of breathwork amongst people from all backgrounds, all parts of the world and from all walks of life.

The thing they all share in common is a thirst for life and a desire to grow and develop.

And they want to do this with others that are also seeking deeper meaning from their days, better connection with something bigger, and the daily practices that reveals and helps them live more fluid and free, no matter life’s challenges, status, or dreams.

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Oxygen Advantage Breathwork Fundamentals Course

To the Mountain Tops & The Depths of the Sea. Just Breathe

You don’t need to become a freediving instructor, a yoga guru or a swimming coach to learn more about breathing and to breathe better. You only need to begin to build your toolkit with understanding and exercises.

The OA™ online breathing course is perfect for anyone new to breathwork.

And if you already practice another breathing method, you’ll find unique techniques you can add to your training toolkit for maximal results.


Introduce even just a few minutes of breathwork a day and feel the changes in your health and well-being. Breathwork doesn’t have to be a big thing that is laborious and takes hours and hours of extra time in your day.

It as simple as daily exercises and routines that frees your body and mind to find new focus, build strength and maximise your potential in a range of life circumstances, whether that’s working life, sports performance, sleep quality or general health in the every day.

Raise your potential breathwork training cycling
Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing Coach course


Become a Certified Breathwork Instructor

Functional breathing is one of the most important pillars of health. Not just in sports, but also health and human optimisation.

If you are passionate about sharing the benefits and growth that functional breathing brings to your life, and you want to be the guide for others to discover and learn about how it can raise the potential of their life, then the Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing Coach course is an ideal choice!

About Marlon

Marlon Quinn shares the life changing power of the breath and breathing with others to help them unlock the pathways to new self-belief. In this way, whether it’s cycling over mountains, freediving to the depths in the sea, crossing alpine valleys on telemark skis, immersing in cold water with beautiful marine life, enhancing business relationships and negotiations, with new tools and techniques they hold better focus, gain space in busy minds, re-energise their bodies, and nourish and refresh their spirit.

A deeply nurturing invitation to explore breath within our bodies, witnessing your breath & gently coming to complete softness, relaxation and surrender within the water, under Marlon’s kind, safe & trusting guidance. The incredible preparation and process of learning to freedive, I personally found to be touching those spaces of personal spirituality an unexpected bonus. And hitting the open salt water and putting the preparation into practice required much more focus on my part in bringing it all together. Marlon continued to gently kept encouraging us and refining our own nuances as we descended beneath the surface. I adored every moment of this exhilarating free diving experience! Thank you. – Birthing Artemis

Ive surfed for 35 years, worked and played on the oceans my whole life and freediving has always intrigued me. 
I cant put into words how intense and amazing this experience was for me.
Marlon Quinn is an amazing teacher. Offering concise and encouraging feedback after each dive and building our group to go to 14m deep, which is beyond the buoyancy of 10m a realm few humans visit with no tanks. If your curious just do it and I wish you a similar experience to me.  Absolutely amazing. – Steve, Dromana

Great instructor. Marlon is taking my breath holds to a new level

This is my third course with WaterMaarq and every time my confidence and breath holds improve significantly. My surfing and diving would not be the same without it. – Nick Slater, TripAdvisor

Marlon is a wonderful instructor. Informative and supportive. Marlon takes the time to understand you and encourage you to be your best while in a safe and fun environment. – Barra T @TripAdvisor

If you are after a freediving course, I 100% recommend Marlon Quinn. After this training my freediving skills greatly improved (relaxation, breath hold, body position, finning, recovery breathing, etc).
You can tell Marlon has a special connection with the ocean. – @Alfred0mp TripAdvisor, April 2o23

Marlon is an experienced and patient instructor.
He teaches students based on individual’s ability and expectation, instead of simply asking students to memorise things.
Very happy experience.
Looking forward to joining more trainings with him in the future. – James, April 2021

Marlon is a great instructor and all around great guy and the course was very instructional. Full of technique and pinpointing why something was working or not and allowing students to really think for themselves and get to know their responses in the water.

I can’t wait for the next steps in furthering my knowledge and continue with more courses. – Julia Landberg, Feb 2021

Breathe in and begin your sea-change life





How can you live the sea-change life? It only takes one breath. Follow me and begin the changes you wish to SEA!

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