DSC_5128-WebFreediving is one of the most beautiful disciplines you’re likely to encounter. Just you, the marine environment and one breath to discover everything that surrounds you.

Whether it’s taking snorkelling a bit deeper and longer, continuing the search for that elusive fish to capture it in digital form or something else, or to discover what’s dormant inside of you, freediving will take you there.

An Apnea International qualified Freediving Instructor and AIDA 4* Freediver, I love nothing more than taking an adventure into the marine environment. To discover what’s out there as much as what’s within my vision.

Through WaterMaarq Freediving headquartered on the incredibly beautiful Mornington Peninsula, I provide professional freediving instruction in courses, surfing survival and pool and open water training. To explore the underwater world as if you belong there, try freediving. It’s an amazing life on one breath. Courses run all year round in Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth.

With buddies an essential part of any freedive excursion, the Melbourne Freedivers Club has also been created to link up Victorian based and visiting buddies to get out for a session.

WaterMaarq Holder Logo Blk Wht JPG

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