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Marlon Quinn freediving at Kilsby Sinkhole using DPV Underwater Scooter


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Learn to freedive in Melbourne with me, Marlon Quinn, Master Freediving Instructor.

I’ve been teaching freediving since 2014 across Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia and have hundreds of students that now enjoy the underwater world freely and easily on one beautiful breath.

Freediving is a moving peacefulness, immersed underwater within the dreamy environment hidden under the sea surface. I learned to freedive with the World’s best, including Umberto Pelizzari and Stavros Kastrinakis.

Bringing together the vast knowledge banks of AIDA, Apnea Academy and PADI Freediving education systems, it is my aim to open your being to find calm and ease whilst swimming freely closer to Nature in the big blue of the sea.

Popular Courses


PADI Basic Freediver Course Melbourne

PADI Basic Freediver (Part A) – Melbourne

The foundation freediving course for all snorkellers, skindivers and freedivers. The Basic course is the first part of level one training.

5hrs +

Freediving Training Dive Melbourne

PADI Freediving Training Boat Dive (Part B) – Sorrento

Take your freediving deeper with a training dive by boat. Join two dives for Part B of first level training.

2hrs each

Freediving training shore dive near Melbourne

PADI Freediving Training Shore Dive – Blairgowrie

Receive expert instruction, privately or in a group on a shore training dive from Blairgowrie.

1.5hrs each

In Person Courses


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What to Expect

  • A course tailored to you and your individual dream to freedive
  • A friendly and open learning environment, immersed in professionalism start to finish
  • Small course groups of 4-8 participants only
  • On-line learning to complete before the face-to-face course day
  • A learning experience in the classroom and pool that teaches you more than the books, internet or youtube ever could

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Receive expert face-to-face freediving instruction with a Master that teaches more than the books, internet or podcasts ever could in real time. Advance your snorkelling, skindiving and freediving skills in a way that brings you closer to marine life, and your own self.


Not sure which freediving education system is the one for you? As an instructor familiar with AIDA, Apnea Academy, Apnea International and AUSI systems, I choose to teach under the PADI Freediver education system, a proven standard for students successful in learning to freedive in a combination of on-line and in-person training.

Marlon Quinn Freediving Rock Crevice by James Cini
Marlon Quinn Freediving Rock Crevice by James Cini

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Every session begins with a warm introduction

Even if Melbourne’s local Port Phillip Bay waters are part of the cooler temperate conditions of the Southern Ocean and Great Southern Reef chain that vary wildly in sea state and condition, you’ll receive a warm introduction every time to start your experience settled and ready.

“As an instructor myself I also recommend Marlon Quinn! Teaches far more than just by the book. Of all the instructors I’ve met he’s definitely the best.”

– Kaeo Landon Lane, Freediving Instructor & Former Student, Tasmania

“Speak to Marlon Quinn he’s a legend. And he’s freediving courses are second to none. Safety number one and you learn so much”

– Marty Phillips, Student, Victoria

“I couldn’t recommend Marlon more highly. Very professional, the course was really helpful, and was a lot of fun to boot”.

– Rick Chandler, Student, Victoria

“I did my first freediving course with Marlon and can highly recommend him. An excellent teacher. And I had a ball!”

– Dean Laffan, Student, Victoria

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My Boatman Services by Marlon Quinn

My Boatman

Freediving Breathhold Training Course with Marlon Quinn

Breathing Workshops

Surf hold down training Melbourne. Image by Josh Morgan

Surf Hold-down Training

Let’s Freedive Together!

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PO Box 166, Blairgowrie VIC 3942


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