Remaarqable Communications

Marlon is experienced in developing and delivering content across a range of audiences and platforms.



Organisational Communications:
– Project Materiel including Status Reports
– Board Reports
– Performance Reports
– Business Proposals
– Presentation Materials
– Process Documentation
– Stakeholder Messaging

External Communications:
– Website content
– Blog entries
– Snippets, Key Messaging, Articles

Specialising in:
– Interweaved topics and subject matter, for example, Business & Sports

Web Tools:
– WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Hootsuite

2 thoughts on “Materiel

    1. Thanks Tania. However the word “materiel” is written as intended. It is the French influence for which there’s more explanation via wiki here. From wiki “Materiel in the commercial distribution context comprises the items being moved by the services of or as the products of the business, as distinct from those involved in operating the business itself.” Residing in a town in the south of France that contained a military base provided a new influence to my general communications.

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