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Professional, Flexible and Inexpensive Local Service.

Benefit from over 8 years experience in Port Phillip Bay, Western Port Bay and Victorian Bass Strait Coast.

Jester Commercial RIB Charter Workboat Melbourne Port Phillip Bay

Film, TV and Media Support Boat

The commercial survey charter RIB provides a stable platform and her high sheer bow make for a dry ride. Her shallow draft means she can get to the most demanding of locations incredibly rapidly and easily.

Sporting a modular design that can be quickly transformed, the RIB can be configured for maximum deck space for media and film work providing for film crew comfort or maximising room for equipment, or set up for optimal seating arrangements.

The ​forward seating affords optimum viewing and positioning whilst aft military specification Ullman suspension jockey seats provide comfort in long duration film shoots and unstable conditions.

Jester Commercial RIB Charter Workboat Melbourne Port Phillip Bay

Crew and Equipment Transfer

The RIB offers safe, comfortable and swift interception to transfer crew and equipment, on Port Phillip Bay, Western Port Bay and the Yarra precinct.

Easily transfer passengers ship to ship, pier to shore passenger pick up and drop offs for Portsea Polo marquee style events, or party boat DJ / celebrity personnel transfers.

With a high payload capacity the crew and equipment transfer service provides a cost-effective alternative to diverting from passage plans or scheduling for that vital staff member, tool or component.

Jester Commercial RIB Charter Workboat Melbourne Port Phillip Bay

Event Safety and Coach Boat

The private charter RIB has a clear and obvious presence for water-based event safety or patrol work.

Offering rapid and easy deployment and shallow draft capabilities, the RIB provides easy, efficient and cost-effective service to ensure the continues safety of event participants, staff and contract partners.

Ideal for sailing regatta coach boat operations, open water swim, kayak, SUP, windsurfing or surf kite and foiling competition boat support, and rescue boat services.

Jester RIB Charter Dive Snorkel Freedive Melbourne Port Phillip Bay

Dive, Freedive and Snorkel Support Services

Representing the ideal skippered RIB charter vessel to support the delivery of professional education, training, instruction and excursions for scuba diving, freediving or snorkelling activities.

The charter RIB with low centre of gravity and, easy waterline access to board oversize pontoons, with removable dive ladder and the local knowledge honed over years of freediving and snorkelling Port Phillip Bay and surrounds for the optimum dive experience tailored to the weather forecast and prevailing sea conditions.

Jester Commercial RIB Charter Workboat Melbourne Port Phillip Bay

Private Group Charter RIB

Take your family or friends on a private Skippered Rib charter to visit Port Phillip Bay’s icons including the seals, South Channel Fort, Pope’s Eye Marine Park, Point Nepean, the historic South Channel Pile Light, Mud Island or the infamous Rip itself. Go further afield to Western Port’s from Flinders, Stony Point, Tankerton or Cowes and Phillip Island.

Let me help tailor a memorable day for your squad. The wind and tide will have a major effect on the conditions that you will encounter; working closely with our skipper will help make the most of your day working in the conditions that best suit your squad. You may already have a plan in mind which we will happily follow, however clients are often keen to tap into the local knowledge of the skipper who transits these waters almost every day.

Make your day special, whether a celebration, milestone birthdays or anniversary, or even just for fun!

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Jester Commercial RIB Charter Workboat Melbourne Port Phillip Bay

Research, Science and Data Collection

Optimise your scientific research and data collection for marine biology, marine ecology, ornithology, oceanography and cetology, on board the swift, agile and stable skippered RIB charter vessel.

Whether studying marine habitats, shoreline habitats or coastal habitats, benefit from the easy and swift access the charter RIB workboat provides.

COMMERCIAL RIB CHARTER – Melbourne and surrounds

The local Victorian operated and maintained vessel provides commercial organisations with highly reliable and cost effective Commercial RIB Charter. Vastly experienced skippers across ferry transport, commercial fishing, marine science, survey and safety boats, dive support, and regular eco boat tours and cruises.

PRIVATE GROUP CHARTER – Sorrento, Mornington Peninsula

Longer duration expeditions that provide you with the tempo and time you need to enjoy the experience without feeling the rush to get it done. Every day to be savoured, melding naturally and organically with the next. It’s the intensive without the angst.


Professional, discrete and highly experienced small boat handler, specialising in RIB pilotage, you’re in the best hands with qualified Master, Marlon Quinn.

Progress with confidence founded on thousands of hours at the helm of all sizes of RIB vessels from length 3.4m to 8.5m, propelled by twin outboard, jet RIB and single outboard, navigating in all conditions up to 30kn in sheltered and coastal waters.



5.5m RIB
Vessel: Purpose built high-load capacity and all weather hull
Power: Twin Yamaha outboards
Commercial capacity: 4 + 1 Crew (Skipper)
Features: Modular deck fittings, removable jockey seats, dual-axle trailer for transport
Rack rates include provision of private charter service, skipper hire, vessel delivery, cleaning, maintenance and charter planning, record keeping and administration.
Additional Fees:
All fees are based on the home port of Sorrento, VIC.
Transport fees to other locations apply calculated on distance and time, either by road or sea.
Jester Commercial RIB Charter Workboat Melbourne Port Phillip Bay