5 Essential Apps for Cyclists on Tour

After a solid six months on-the-hop in Europe, without these Apps I’d still be lugging around libraries of books, flyers, magazines, maps, tourist guides, flyers and printed memorabilia. Have I succumbed to the Internet of Everything? (IoE – yes that’s a new industry buzzword!) It is becoming readily apparent, no matter where, the mobile deviceContinue reading “5 Essential Apps for Cyclists on Tour”

It’s that time of year – New Bike Syndrome strikes again

The dawn of new season bikes emerges around September and continues through to December each year (and let’s not forget the Nouveau Beaujolais sitting pretty on Nov 15th!). For the southerners, that’s Spring. After which the weather only gets better, along with the range of new bikes becoming available. It’s a difficult time for cyclingContinue reading “It’s that time of year – New Bike Syndrome strikes again”

Globe-trotting strava cyclists will be into this!

For the Strava / GPS users out there that happen to travel with their bike, you’ll appreciate this little web tool. By referencing your Strava Rider ID and uploading all your cycling history, this tool will create a global Google map with all your rides. A nice little virtual pin-board to drop in to yourContinue reading “Globe-trotting strava cyclists will be into this!”

Navi-what? Navigarminating. Find your ride.

<a name=””>  Do you have a certain penchant for travel? I do, especially with my devoted companion, my bicycle. When traveling however, it’s not always easy to find that local training ride or get to the top of that secret single-track, or in fact meet a knowledgeable local to ride with. Here is possibly aContinue reading “Navi-what? Navigarminating. Find your ride.”

The digital cycle – Discovery to recovery

<a name=””> Two things struck me at the 24th International Festival of Photojournalism this year. The Visa Pour L’Image is the annual forum where photojournalists from around the world meet, it’s held in Perpignan, France. Of the exhibitions, two in particular have stayed in consciousness. The first entitled “Fearless Genius” by Doug Menuez was a collectionContinue reading “The digital cycle – Discovery to recovery”

Balancing the scoop

<a name=””>  Today’s technological society keeps us hyped up on status updates, likes, tweets, tips, tricks, and positive re-enforcement techniques. Really though, all that represents is sprinkles on the cone of an ice-cream. Sprinkles add a bit of flavour and interest to the real substance below and the supporting structure of the cone beneath. TheContinue reading “Balancing the scoop”

Simple questions like: Glass or Plastic?

<a name=””>  Simple questions, simple answers. Neat, very neat, very quick. A simple question such as: When buying a soft drink, is it better to buy one contained in a glass bottle or one in plastic? Maybe your first thought is the aesthetic. Glass is more tactile, perhaps it will stay cooler for longer, evenContinue reading “Simple questions like: Glass or Plastic?”