Chasing Crab Migration

On the March Each year in the waters of Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, the march of the spider crabs takes place during April-June. For years I’ve been eager to see this phenomenon as it plays out under the cover of the bay. Each year I’m stumped by schedule clashes or near misses. This year appearsContinue reading “Chasing Crab Migration”

Simple questions like: Glass or Plastic?

<a name=””>  Simple questions, simple answers. Neat, very neat, very quick. A simple question such as: When buying a soft drink, is it better to buy one contained in a glass bottle or one in plastic? Maybe your first thought is the aesthetic. Glass is more tactile, perhaps it will stay cooler for longer, evenContinue reading “Simple questions like: Glass or Plastic?”

Is your behaviour eroding your personal ecosystem?

“Do not feed or handle wildlife.” What if inadvertently you’d adopted a new behaviour that resulted in you becoming a little less wild, or that you lost an important behaviour that dulled you forever? You’d be sad, wouldn’t you? Keeping them a little bit wild Why do we need to keep wildlife wild? Is itContinue reading “Is your behaviour eroding your personal ecosystem?”