Ambition aspires to descend. Letting go of goals

<a name=””>  When we’re talking about performance, letting go of goals seems like the exact opposite thing we should be doing to excel. But what if letting go of the goal enabled the attainment of objectives beyond the original scope? “Ambition aspires to descend” – Pierre Corneille Location: Descending into the big blue deep, Anavyssos,Continue reading “Ambition aspires to descend. Letting go of goals”

Mindfulness: Hocus Pocus or Renewed Focus?

Way back on the 1st February this year, I despatched this prediction via Twitter, meaning that mindfulness is set to become mainstream during 2012. I stand by it. So what is mindfulness? My favourite description is this from Ruth Baer: “The non-judgmental observation of the ongoing stream of internal and external stimuli as they arise.”[1] <aContinue reading “Mindfulness: Hocus Pocus or Renewed Focus?”