Cycling through a developing obsession

The thing about the bike is, it takes you places you’d ordinarily not pass by car and certainly places you’d never get to by foot in the same time. As I explore the lands in the search of good coffee and treats to reward thousands of revolutions of the pedals and umpteen calories burned, theContinue reading “Cycling through a developing obsession”

Secession Success – Raven Mad

It’s October. It started in January. Tick. Tock. What started as a desire to create a bicycle frame that celebrated the hallmarks of a bygone era – lugs, steel tubing, artisan styled passion, simplicity – has pushed and prodded feelings of despondency to exhilaration. At times thoughts swam freely, the excitement of what may be.Continue reading “Secession Success – Raven Mad”

Bicycle Project: Part 3 – Custom Steel, Italy

There’s nothing like results to keep you pressing forward with your plan. Each time recognisable progress is made during a project or an endeavour, the rewards begin to pay off for making the initial start and applying more effort to get closer to the target. In Part 1 we covered the inspiration for the bicycleContinue reading “Bicycle Project: Part 3 – Custom Steel, Italy”

Bicycle Project: Part 2 – Custom Steel, Italy

Following on from Part 1 of the project story, Part 2 is the real guts of the project. Inspiration now qualified, like any change or project development there’s a critical point where ideas must turn into action, Part 2 is all about action. Three questions arose to prompt clear action: Who will prepare the frame?Continue reading “Bicycle Project: Part 2 – Custom Steel, Italy”

Bicycle Project: Part 1 – Custom Steel, Italy

Italian bicycles. They’re the desire of many a cycling enthusiast. Coppi, Colnago, Tommasini, Bianchi, Guerciotti, ALAN, Basso, Pinarello, Cinelli, De Rosa, Pegoretti, Wilier, they’re all marques swooned over, especially over a macchiato after the ride. Bonetti is not one you will hear of very often, but it’s out there. In January this year, we commissionedContinue reading “Bicycle Project: Part 1 – Custom Steel, Italy”