Interview with Marlon Quinn – Passionate Freediving Instructor and Founder of WaterMaarq Freediving

Padi Pros Oceania were kind enough to interview me about freediving and my keen interest in it and published this article.

PADI Pros Oceania

_HKR5357-web_resized for webMarlon Quinn’s freediving journey began with a chance encounter with a ray. Today, he is a passionate Freediving Instructor and founder of WaterMaarq Freediving in Victoria, Australia. We asked him about his love for freediving and where he hopes to see it in the next few years.  

What inspired you to start freediving?

My freediving journey began with an encounter with a stingray in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria about a decade ago. I was snorkelling off Brighton Beach, when I came face to face with the 1.5m-wide Eagle Ray.

We both had a moment of surprise, I was a bit frightened and so was he. As a competitive cyclist I’ve performed in some very tough and high-risk situations, and I didn’t like that I was uncomfortable. I wanted to learn how to be calmer in the water and more in tune with the environment.

The stingray eventually became the iconic logo of…

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2014 – It’s a wrap!

Placing the Book-end on 2014

The end of the annual cycle provokes a reflection on the 364 days that have passed by, seemingly at Ferrari pace.

24 hours remain before the looking glass is swung 180 degrees and what appears to the fore takes all capacity.

2014 Was A Big Year

It really was. The seasonal highlights reel goes a little like this.

2013/14 Summer >

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Freefall with a Greek Twist

Freediving in Greece

When it comes to coastline and freediving, the Greeks have got it pretty good!

Not far from Athens at a place called Vouliagmeni is a mini blue-hole, called The Well. Local freediver Nick has taken to Guillaume Nery’s Base Jumping Freefall video and re-mastered it, Zorba style to showcase the location.
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Local Freedivers Club Gains

Melbourne Freedivers Club Growth

Looking back isn’t something that regularly takes my attention, but sometimes it’s healthy to check in and see where things have come from.

In March 2014 The Melbourne Freedivers Club (MFC) launched on-line, in real and on deck for training at the local pool in Prahran.

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The Darkside of The Lens

My Heart Still Thumps

At times I marvel at the connectivity the internet and social media affords us. The ability to cyber connect in the street so to speak.

You pass by an image on Instagram and connect with it. You’re beyond like for like and F4F, it actually speaks to you. Deciding to speak with it, you make a statement, a comment, you hit ‘send’.

It’s like darting your eyes across the cafe or train and like a shimmering ray of light, you and that other just know. And then it’s gone.
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My first negotiation, at 12

First Jobs

As a kid there’s a novelty in someone asking you to do a job for some pocket money. It’s a celebration, giving first tastes of independence and new found choices and options.

Suddenly, a reliance on known variables, such as whether Mum or Dad is in a good or bad mood, or whether the lawn has grown enough from last Sunday to line the pockets again.

Car Washing

For me, car washing was a novelty. Except when it was Dad’s delivery van. Continue reading “My first negotiation, at 12”

Freedive Excursion – Point Cooke

To The Homestead

With the Mornington Peninsula drawing most of the attention, a couple of freedive buddies recently found good reason to travel west in search of marine entertainment.

Coerced by the power of adventure we prepared to visit the Point Cooke Marine Sanctuary near Point Cook around 30 minutes from Melbourne CBD.

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