Author: marlonquinn

Team building 101 – IT Execs on mountain bikes? Why not!

There’s something brilliant about seeing people outside their comfort zone exhibiting all of the inner drive, enthusiasm and genuine eagerness to overcome the situation. It was with excitement that an invitation to assist Ride International deliver a guided mountain bike group day. Pat Fitzpatrick, who spends much of the year in Europe hosting tours to the major road races or providing high level MTB and Road cycling coaching services, lead a group of senior executives on a MTB tour around Melbourne’s Lysterfield Park trails.

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Vintage Astronaut Ice-cream

The question is: Is there a market for vintage astronaut ice-cream? Many years ago, let’s round it out at 30 years ago, my Father presented me with a gift from the Anaheim Space Museum. A packet of bona fide freeze-dried...

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Extending Boundaries

Limitations and boundaries, sometimes they’re there to keep us from straying, at other times they’re merely a motivator to push to create a new perceived limit. The Hume Hwy Over the weekend, not only were some...

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