The eternal gardens of the Great Southern Reef coastal shelves, nooks, hidden bays and exposed beaches of Bass Strait are an escape worthy of King Neptune’s proclamation. Sunny Spring days in September in the cool waters of the Mornington Peninsula backbeaches when the swell is low and the wind favourable are like nowhere else on Earth. 

This ocean beach is in a cove and features underwater bommies, overhangs, swim-throughs and seemingly endless gullies and gardens to explore. 

It’s a location where I’ve had my most enjoyable interaction with Port Jackson sharks, as they rested during the daytime hours in crevices and sometimes boldly basking in the sunlight beams on the sea floor. On each plunge here I always hope to see them again.

Thanks for watching.

Water Temperature: 12.9c
Filmed on @Nikonaustralia AW130 underwater compact camera. 
Edited on @AdobeCreativeCloud @Lightroom and Premiere Rush.
Music: Eternal Garden – Dan Henig
Tag: #curiouslyoutdoors