Freefall with a Greek Twist

Freediving in Greece

When it comes to coastline and freediving, the Greeks have got it pretty good!

Not far from Athens at a place called Vouliagmeni is a mini blue-hole, called The Well. Local freediver Nick has taken to Guillaume Nery’s Base Jumping Freefall video and re-mastered it, Zorba style to showcase the location.

In 2013 I had the pleasure of freediving The Well with Stavros Kastrinakis (former National Freediving Record Holder in No Limits Freediving) and it’s a pretty cool little shore location. Busy with swimmers but worth a visit. There’s a tiered sunbathing section and bar with pumping tunes to set the right summer tone. Get the vibes!

At around 30m depth, it’s fun times and a nice distraction on the way to plenty of other spectacular dive sites.

I found it east to fall in love with the Grecian waters, and I’m not even talking about the islands!

About as far from Melbourne is Sorrento, and about as far from Athens is a place called Anavyssos. They say the simple things are often the best…More on that in another instalment.

Here’s the original Nery Base Jumping vid.


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