My Heart Still Thumps

At times I marvel at the connectivity the internet and social media affords us. The ability to cyber connect in the street so to speak.

You pass by an image on Instagram and connect with it. You’re beyond like for like and F4F, it actually speaks to you. Deciding to speak with it, you make a statement, a comment, you hit ‘send’.

It’s like darting your eyes across the cafe or train and like a shimmering ray of light, you and that other just know. And then it’s gone.

Such a beam struck this week. In the to and fro the terminals created a circuit and the exchange completed.

Local Victorian lady, fashionista, writer and sharer of magic Aurora Di Domenico kindly suggested to me to view this short film.

In that there was knowing that the chords would play, I relish.

Fitting that the location in this picture was the prelude to the streaming vision. The Blowhole at Flinders, Victoria.

A coastline that dares you. I can't but wonder what is underneath. Blowhole, Flinders, VIC
A coastline that dares you. I can’t but wonder what is underneath. Blowhole, Flinders, VIC

The similarity of the celtic footage to the back beaches of the Australian Mornington Peninsula, showing the fury and power of seas meeting rugged coastline are high powered.

If you fancy a plunge, scroll on. It’s one hell of a playground.
Mickey Smith has spoken, behold:

Darkside Of The Lens from mickey smith on YouTube.

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Thanks to Aurora and bits and bytes!