On the March

Spider Crab PortseaEach year in the waters of Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, the march of the spider crabs takes place during April-June. For years I’ve been eager to see this phenomenon as it plays out under the cover of the bay. Each year I’m stumped by schedule clashes or near misses.

This year appears no different.

A bush telegraph style of leak emerged last week, that the spider crabs were sighted on the move. Springing into action, motivation was high. Temperatures were low. Action!

Dragging a couple of eager buddies out of their slumber super early on Sunday morning, we took upon the quest of migration spotting.

Poking around the south-eastern waters of Port Phillip Bay, we had some success, a couple of carcasses were spotted on the sea floor. A few thousand short of a migration pattern, just.

No matter, water time is valuable time and we emerged with a heightened desire to get a visual on the event. Plus keep a close ear to the can and string of the bush telegraph for the next opportunity.

Whatever the case, you never come away empty handed.

Til next.