There’s a saying that goes:

When’s the best time to plant a tree? Now or 20 years ago.

Le Boulou Cyclocross 2012

Languedoc-Roussillon Regional Championships Flyer

This could not have been better exemplified than at Le Boulou, France on the weekend. Sunday saw the simultaneous running of the regional cyclocross championships across France, the filtration process to identify this years best of the best riders.

Apart from the racing, delicious home-baked gateaux, beer and coffee, was the opportunity to see the early fostering of potential that the Le Boulou Cycling Club supports.

Le Boulou CC Drinks

Drinks at cycling club prices

Le Boulou CC Gateaux

Homemade delicious cakes

Over 200 racers hit the track over the course of the day, but it was the presentation ceremony that provided the crescendo to a swathe of elite performances.

Le Boulou CC Cyclocross 2 Dec 2012

Le Boulou CC Regional Championships Race

The bouquets, medallions and prizes signified varying degrees of success, but for me the real success beyond raceday is the support that the club, families, friends and the region quite obviously provide for creating the stars of 20 years time.

Le Boulou CC Medallions

Raceday Medallions

Le Boulou CC Champions

Tomorrow’s future sports champions?

As the applause rang out and the temperature followed the sun, I thought, there’s no better time than now to start pedalling.

Le Boulou Sunset Winter 2012

Gratuitous sunset photo from the return journey. Worth a pause or two.

Le Boulou CC 2012 Ceremony

Plenty of pageantry

Le Boulou CC Podium

Maybe we can talk about that bouquet…?

Le Boulou CC Podium

If not now, when?

Le Boulou CC Team Car

The Club Team Car, including Tour de France style panel damage

Le Boulou CC Finish Kite 2012

The finish line