There’s nothing like results to keep you pressing forward with your plan. Each time recognisable progress is made during a project or an endeavour, the rewards begin to pay off for making the initial start and applying more effort to get closer to the target.

In Part 1 we covered the inspiration for the bicycle project and in Part 2 we isolated action, now, in Part 3 the visible progress and rewards accelerate us once more toward the final result.

This phase of the project is full of excitement and tension. Would the 2D on paper design translate to the 3D finish? How would the elements tie together and would the design language speak consistently across the frame and from different viewing angles? Would the ambition of the Design Brief be realised? Patience becomes tested at this juncture. The desire to see the frame and imagery come together is at its peak, but the installation phase is by no means an easy task. It is a detailed set of processes that takes a keen technician to execute diligently.

Here in Part 3, the Roadbike progress is presented, the Fixie frame to be next.

Below the layout of the print material can be seen. Appears simple enough, but there’s a way to go before 2D becomes three.

Maarq Custom Graffiti Bicycle Design Lay-up

Attention to detail is at a premium.
Maarq Custom Graffiti Bicycle Detailed Application

One of the original Alistair Wilson photos settles firmly into place (see original photo in Part 2).
Maarq Custom Graffiti Bicycle Giraffe

The frame reaches completion.
Maarq Custom Graffiti Bicycle Frame

This has to be one of the most thrilling parts of watching an idea travel from inception to reality. To arrive at this point took approximately seven months. It has been exciting to engage with the partners that have assisted to bring the vision to reality.

Ulitmately, there is a temptation to finalise the roadbike project here. Knowing that it could be treated as art, to be hung on a wall and admired for all the intricacy, the details, and hail the many artisans that have contributed to its production. But for all its artistic flair, the real flair is in riding a bike, roaming on it and finding another path.

In the next phases of the project we’ll see the Fixie frame come to life, wearing its new Koloman Moser raven clothing. In parallel the roadbike will receive all the components to get it rolling on the road and be built ready for more action.

*Thanks to Grafico for supply of the images.

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